Friday, November 4, 2011

Days of Thanks - 4 - MOPS

Today is Friday, and every other Friday, our MOPS group meets.
Every Friday there is a MOPS meeting in Brownwood, and once a month on Thursday,
a working Mom's MOPS group meets.
Myself and a close friend Co-Coordinate MOPS at Coggin Avenue Baptist.
Oh how the city of Brownwood is blessed to have groups of this nature meeting.
MOPS is an national and even international group intended for Mothers of PreSchoolers.
We are so lucky to have 3 chapters here in Brownwood.
This group has been not only a life saver in terms of knowing the 
silly things we encounter everyday are normal,
but also in just making friends who have a mutual respect for what you
are dealing with.
Motherhood is not always easy. Or fun.
In fact, its quite messy a lot of the time.
Within the walls of our church, where we meet, each of us find a sense of encouragement
and like mindedness with other women.
We minister to each other. We share stories. We eat food. We listen to guest speakers. We craft. We lift each other up.
Its an outreach program . Its so many things to so many moms.

Thank you, to all my MOPS mommy friends, who help me survive the journey with a smile on my face. You mean more to me and you know!

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