Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Days of Thanks - 23

Its my Mama's birthday today!
Happy birthday mama!!
She seriously makes 51 look like 21
and I am not kidding.
Heres to hoping those good genes live on
through me and my girls!

So of course I would take her special day
and turn in straight into my 
Thankful post for the day.
She is such a fun mama and has set me straight
in so many ways. 
Lets just say that my life would be
upside down without the likes of her.

She loves her pup
(your welcome mom. really.)
and her cat and other pup as well.
She is the worlds sweetest Tama to my little girls
and little Bella girl.
She talks to me on the phone 3+ times a day.

I tell you I would be a lost puppy without
her. Thank goodness she still takes such good care of me!

Love you mama!

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