Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Days of Thanks 16

Get ready for the superficial me to come out again.
I am thankful for facebook.
I really am! It has been responsible for keeping a somewhat
organized photo album of my life.
Its also kept me in touch with tons of people
that I may not have stayed connected with otherwise.
I realize that this may seem silly, but facebook
really has been a useful tool to me in a lot of different ways.
I have so enjoyed watching friends children growing up 
through pictures and updates,
and currently I am using facebook to help
plan a fabulous baby shower with friends who live 
in all different parts of Texas!
So even though you could make fun of me for this 
post, and how I am thankful for facebook,
just realize that you probably are too!

1 comment:

Alison & Kristie said...

I just joined facebook this week! Can you believe that?! I wanted to be sure I was the last person alive to join. And I don't think it's superficial of you, it's a way to maintain relationships- important stuff! :)