Monday, November 14, 2011

Days of Thanks - 14

I know that during these Days of Thanks I have mostly
been thankful for physical things. Items I use.
Places I like to go and such.
Today, I am thankful for something not so physical.
Today I am thankful for
More specifically speaking,
differences between these two.

I love them equally, and they are equally different and I am so grateful
for who each of them are as individuals.

Anslee is a picky eater. Kensington eats anything in sight. Anslee was a 
nursing mothers worst nightmare. Kensington, a nursing mothers dream.
Anslee had a sweet and gently cry. (Its ture, a sweet cry really does exist) Kensington.
Oh wow. I have never heard a child with a more ear piercing scream.
Anslee likes her space. Kensington wants to share space with you.
Anslee had 8 teeth by November 14th of 2009. At the same age, on November 14, 2011 Kensington has four teeth and a month ago, she had none.
When Anslee was teething, she drooled a gallon an hour. Kensington NEVER drools.
Anslee likes stacking toys, puzzles, organizing an sorting. Kensington 
wants soft toys, to hold and hug. Anslee's 1st word was mama.
Kensingtons 1st word was dada. Anslee never really had diaper rash.
Kensington has never really NOT had a diaper rash. Anslee smiled at 13 weeks old (I thought it would never happen) Kensington smiled at 5 weeks and 3 days old.
Anslee was an easy baby to read. She was textbook on growth spurts, sickness, teething, and sleeping.
Kensington was a hard newborn. Impossible to read. She is a spirited infant. You have to 
watch her a little closer to figure out what is going on with her. 
Anslee was the queen of spit up. Kensington has spit up like 4 times.
Anslee slept through the night at 7 weeks old and has not looked back since. 
Kensington was 22 weeks old when she decided she liked naps and sleeping at night.
Anslee crawled on all 4's. Kensington crawls with both arms and does a booty scoot (and boy is she quick!) to get herself around.
Anslee sleeps with music playing. Kensington sleeps with a sound machine.
Anslee wanted nothing to do with a pacifier. Kensington would loser her 
right arm without one.

I am telling you. These precious babies, being loved on and raised in the same home 
under the same two parental influences, with the same parenting strategies 
are as different as day and night.
Black and white.
Hot and cold.

They have made parenting an adventure. Its truly something new every single day.
Their differences have made this year of 2011 a complete joy. I clearly have
had to be on my toes at all times
and nothing surprises me any more.
I am so thankful that even at almost 3 and almost 1 years old,
they are individuals and already made a distinct name for themselves 
in our family. 

I have said this before and I will say it again: God has shown favor on me by gifting me
with these two little lives. I dont know what I have done to deserve the 
honor of raising them, but I am sure thankful.

and so very thankful for the differences between these 2 most incredible baby girls.

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Kristen Patterson said...

LOVED this post! I could Feel your love for your beautiful babies pouring from the screen :)