Monday, November 21, 2011

Days of Thanks - 21

I married a man who always knew what he wanted to do 
with his life. He wanted to be married (glad he chose me!)
and have kids (the sweetest kids he could ask for!)
and be a member of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

He applied in October of 2007 and was accepted as intern with the intent to
attend the A 2008 Trooper Academy class. 
He graduated #12 in class! There was a small fan club that attended 
his graduation and ever since its been nothing but a lovely
start to his career.
Tyler is a State Trooper at the moment and has been since he was comissioned on 
September 26, 2008.
By policy he is to be a trooper for 4 full years. Today he sits at 3 years 
completed of Trooperhood.
He loves his job, and he is actually VERY good at it.
I always knew he would be.
Just to brag, he is leading the area in DWI arrests with 28 to date.
The goal he had set for himself in January was 24. 

Its exciting to think where this next year in his career could take our family.
We are anxious to know what else is in store,
but we are thankful that he is happy and content
with his Trooper status. He goes to work every single day with strength 
to do his very best and work his precious heart out.

I am so thankful that Tyler proudly wears this badge

and that this car sits in front of our house when he is off duty.

He is the best Trooper that the State of Texas employs
(I possibly could be bias)
We as a family are thankful for how is job provides well for our family,
even allows for me to stay home with our sweet angel girls,
and that it is a job
he wakes up each day happy to do. Its such a blessing
to know that Tyler is happy while he away and working.

We are thankful to each and every law enforcement officer that there is. 
What a dangerous and courageous job you do for us all!
Thank you!

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