Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Days of Thanks - 22

I have posted about our potty training experience 
one before. I am not one to do a lot of "potty talk"
but who would not want to shout from the roof tops such a
huge success and milestone in your kiddos life?
It seriously takes you from toddlerhood to preschooler hood.
Its a big deal, to be a big kid now.

Anslee has not put on a diaper or a pull up since Monday, May 9th
at 10 am. We started that morning and never looked back.

So today, I am thankful for Lora Jensens 3 Day Potty Training Method.
It was the potty training method we chose and we saw great success.
I recommend it, as it was almost a fail proof for us.
She seriously was a potty training rock star, and was trained in
every meaning of the word in fact after those 3 days.
They were intense. Day 1 was extra intense.
Intense, but actually a lot of fun.

I am thankful that Anslee was so easy to potty train. I will go ahead
and throw out there that I DO NOT expect
the same results when Kensington is ready to potty train.
Remember my post on how I appreciate their differences?
Remind me to go back and read that when its time to potty train that sweet baby girl.

I do believe in the method, but I also have to chalk up 
the ease at which she trained to her personality. That, and I think she was
just flat out ready when went ahead with it.
Trust me when I say that this method may not be right for every kiddo out there,
it was just right for us! (I could say that about anything parenting
related, couldn't I?!)

I am thankful for this method and I am thankful to only have 1 cute
booty to change these days!

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