Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days of Thanks.

When time of year rolls around, I try to really stop and be extra mindful of the good in my life.
Its just good for the soul to reflect on what we are blessed with.
This year I am taking the time 
to document the things I love about my life.
What I am blessed with.
The little things I find simply joyful.
There are things I give thanks for each and everyday.
My Salvation.
My family.
My home and shelter. Dependable transportation.
So during these days of thanks,
please don't think I am not giving thanks about these most precious
parts of my life. I am beyond thankful for them.
Oh I would not be able to enjoy the little things in my life
without each of the above.

Today is Day 1.
Today I am thankful for my running shoes.

I am certain I have never loved a pair of running shoes like I do these ones. 
They fit my foot like like a glove.
Usually I have to have a "get to know you" period of time 
with a new pair of running shoes. 
Not these.
This pair of shoes knew me the minute they arrived on my doorstep.
Via UPS.
I was comfortable in them from the first lace up.
It will be a hard pair of shoes to retire.
 Forrest Gump had a special relationship with his shoes.
Now I know why! :)

For someone who enjoys exercise and running, a good pair of shoes is hard to come by.
So I am especially thankful (and was quite surprised) when these shoes
were the total package from day 1.

What is something simple that you can be thankful for today?
Hope you take the time to find something as simple as a pair of shoes to be thankful for!

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