Saturday, October 29, 2011

As of Late. Photo dump {again}

We have stayed busy at the start of this blissful fall season.
Fun seems to be the definition of our days.
Where to start is a good question. We are just all over the place and loving every second!

Big Sister Anslee started in her very first dance classes. She attends 
Creative Movements class for 2 year olds.
It is seriously the cutest thing this mama has ever seen.
Watch out. You might just see this tiny dancer one day dancing her heart out on Broadway.
Each week I see her grow in ability and enjoyment for the art. I love watching her participate.
Just love seeing how she really gets into it. I finally found a pair of ballet slippers in her size.
Those will be in a shadow box someday.
Stop growing, my sweet Anslee. Stay my tiny dancer forever!

My goodness. When we are not dancing, We are LOVING kindermusik. 
Anything that involves music, singing, or dancing is on Anslee's list of favorite activities.

Little Sis Kens went for a 9 month well check.
She was well. Growing like a little champ baby and was surely the cutest kiddo at Brownwood Pediatric that day. I look at this girl and fall in love with her because of her little
spit fire personality and for what she has taught me in her short 9 months of life.
9 months of my life I would never give up. Not for one second.
Yes, this sweet girl is sleeping 12+ hours a night, every night and is happy and silly as can be.

Her sister and her are the silliest of sillies. They would not know what to do without each other.
The most precious relationship for me to see blossom. Can't get enough.
We take a few nights and treat ourselves every now and then. Love my date night outs with these two
goof balls. Is it not clear that fun is all we do around here?

Mama is so thankful for these two angel babies who sit in a stroller without a fuss while I get a nice run in. These two are along for the ride with the best of attitudes. Running has been a must in this most perfect weather, so we have spent many evenings out at the park getting in some good exercise!

Not sure what else to do but laugh at the picture above. I catch this little sleepy head knocked out in the craziest of positions. She is a mover and a shaker when she is awake and when she rests. Precious angel. You sleep however you will. I will snap away at your silly sleepy antics.

See what I mean? I can promise I will have more of these to come. 
Many mornings we spend playing in this "playhouse". Thank goodness for boxes, right? You dont even know the fun that has come out of this box. Little creative minds turn this box into so many different things. Best thing is that Anslee makes sure Kensington gets in and plays with her every single time. She already realizes that life is better with a little built in playmate.

These two spend a lot of time just playing and laughing together. I actually look forward to the years to come. Watching them grow together.
Every Thursday afternoon, Anslee and I pack up and head to the Brownwood Public library.
We meet with a few friends who join us for learning a letter each week. For "A" we put Apples on an Apple tree. Each letter comes with shape, color, and counting activities that coordinate. Anslee likes it, and I am starting to really believe that its making a profound difference in her abilities. She knows her ABC's, but the hope is, with these weekly activities, that letter recognition will come along with early phonics training. 
KayLee, Wyatt's mama, brings a short book that goes with each letter. The books she has are awesome. Its almost the same story line for each letter, and clearly, the repetitive nature of the story helps the learning of each letter sink in just a little more. 

Well, thats what is going on in our world as of late. We live a good life, and can't wait to wake up each morning to a new day filled with lots of FUN!

Hope this fall as started off FUN for all of YOU!

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