Sunday, October 9, 2011

On My Mind

Ok, so I really don't have anything specific to blog about tonight.
Can't blame a girl for being in the bloggin' mood!
It was just that I decided to start paying close attention to little things that make
an ordinary day

Today I had the chance to sit and listen to Anslee and Kensington laugh.
I mean roll on the floor type laughing. Together. In perfect sync if you will.
I swear the only thing better than hearing your childs laughter
is hearing it in tune with their siblings.
It was more than music to my ears.
It was music to the soul.
It was so good that I wanted to join them, but I know it would have taken away from 
their delight. Who am I to do such a thing. So I listened and smiled.

Today I started thinking about what a pickle we would be in without this treasure:
Thats right. This precious piece of plastic goes with us everywhere. 
Its home is the Moses' 2007 model Toyota Sienna Van.
I would say that Anslee takes advantage of this little chair on average...
twice a day. Easy.
After a certain diaper change this afternoon (and twice this morning) 
I decided I was ready for sweet Kensington hurry up and make this potty chair even more useful 
than it already is. I know.
I am dreaming. Only about 19 months or so to go, right?  Ok. but thats stretching it.

This evening, I realized that I spend a lot of time watching Diego and Bubble Guppies.
You would think that was normal, right?
Well it seems that too many times I have caught myself watching said programs
while the girls are sleeping.
I know, I should have not have blogged about that.
Weird, No?
Do you ever get overwhelmed?
I mean overwhelmed any time you walk into ANY of the room at your house?
I am today. And I am blogging.
Its ok, though, because at least I am blogging about being overwhelmed 
with the mess that surrounds me.

You know whats never good? 
When you hear a loud "THUD" or say, "CRASH"
and the the chorus of crying children follow.
Don't worry. No children were really hurt.
That is what happened tonight when I stepped into the kitchen to make a bottle.
*Please note*
I was no more than 20 feet away from them, but still have no clue
what really happened.

Tonight each of my girls gave me a gift.
Kensington fell fast and hard asleep in my arms. 
I am convinced there is not another person on this planet in whose arms 
she would lay so content.

Anslee asked me for 'nuggles' (snuggles) before she went to bed.
She got more than she asked for.
Thats what happens when mamas heart has been so warmed.

Sure loved my today! I hope you did too!

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