Sunday, October 2, 2011

Building with Daddy.

I have sung Tyler's praises many times. I always will.
When he is not being the worlds best husband, he is busy being the worlds best Dad. Hands down.
After that, he is busy being Texas' best state Trooper. 
Can we get this guy a nap? You would never know how busy he is.
He loves every part of his life and we could not be more blessed!
So in his efforts to win #1 Dad award this past Saturday
He took his firstborn to Kids Craft Day at Home Depot.

Tyler said she put on her apron and got straight to work.
I have a handy woman on my hands. Working with a hammer was a dream come true.
She built the finest wooden helicopter that a girl could fashion with her own two hands.

Sweet girl sure loves to be busy. Building something with Daddy was just what the doctor ordered.
Testing out the finished product. Everything was in working order. 

Ready for lift off. So much fun was had. My sweet girl can glue and hammer with the best of them. 

What would make a home depot craft day with Daddy better?

Sitting in a real life helicopter of course! So why not? I might be raising a future pilot!
Don't think for one second that there is where the fun stopped. 
The fire truck came too. What a fun date to share with one amazing dude. 
I can't blame this girl for one second wanting to spend special moments with that guy.
I sure love when I get to go on dates with him too!
Thanks Shantel for letting us know about the Home Depot craft days. Fun activities like these are just what every active toddler needs to bring out their creative side! Looking forward to more mornings like these!

And thanks to Tyler, for taking these pictures. He knew I would want to see all the fun I missed out on while the little sister got in her morning nap!


Amber Ruth said...

how fun!! i have always wanted danny to do this with our kids...cant wait till hudson is big enough!

Erica said...

I love doing the kids craft days at work. The kids always have so much fun with their moms and dads. So glad that she had fun!