Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giving it up.

My blood pressure is rising.

Anxiety is through the roof

At the very thought of Kensington giving this up.

Asking Kensington to get rid of this is like asking Barney not to be purple.

It would be like asking me to stop using social media {gulp.}

Its like asking her dad to turn in his badge. 

Try asking her Tama to stop boutique shopping for her and the sister girl.

Someone tell me. Can this really be done? 

Is there life after the pacifier? I know its coming. 

More to come on this. When it happens.     


The Whitt Family said...

The night before Sadie turned 3 we did it. We told her that when you turn three you are a big girl and have to leave all the paci's for the paci fairy to take them to the babies. We also said the paci fairy would leave a toy in return.

Lee Family said...

We took both of our kids paci's away at 2. Ease into it by taking it away when they are up and giving it to them when they are asleep. It is hard and there is lots of crying.

Amber Ruth said...

we have started limiting ours to sleep & public places (if necessary). but I think we will go cold turkey once he learns the meaning of "bye bye" or "trash" haha... anxious to hear how it goes though!! good luck!!