Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 months, Real quick before 8 months happens.

So it feels like I went to sleep in January and woke up in September. She is almost 8 months old now.

Last I remember sweet Kensington was 6 lbs 8 oz and coming home from the hospital. She was colic stricken and seemed unhappy most days. She could care less about sleep at night not to mention naps during the day, but she sure smiled a lot. Odd I know.

Well, now, I have my sweet, bubbly, crawling, signing, babbling baby girl. She pulls up to standing now. I had to get rid of all 3-6 month clothing. She wants to eat non stop. Get this: She takes 2 good naps each day and sleeps an amazing 12+ hours every night. I knew if colic didnt kill us, it would just be a distant memory, and that is honestly so true. We survived, and I am glad we did because now we get to enjoy a very happy, content, normal "sleep needs" baby.

Just recently, Kensington moved right into the "little sister" role. Tagging along under Anslee's toe every where she went. We are working on patience and understanding that Kensington is "little" with Anslee. I also find myself telling Anslee that Mommy is in charge and will tell Kensington "No" when she needs to be told. Clearly, Kensington wants every item that Anslee has her hands on.

Ever thought your heart could melt 34980934 times a day? Mine does. Especially on car rides. I can hear the two "conversating". I turn the music down to nothing so I can listen. It goes something like this:

Anslee: Hiiiiiiiiiiii Tinkenson. Hiiiiiiiiiiii.
Kensington: squeal, squeak, belly laugh.
Anslee: Silly Tinkenson.
Kensington: belly laugh. belly laugh.

Its just the sweetest sister talk that was ever shared between such precious girls.

Anslee claps every time Kensington takes off in a crawl or pulls herself to standing. She is her biggest cheerleader, and most influential teacher already. Forget mom when the big sister girl is around.

I mean it when I say, NO ONE makes Kensington smile like or even as much as Anslee. A blessing that I will always be in debt to have.

I always knew I wanted more than one child, but I didnt know that this was why. Its nothing but a pleasure getting to watch them with one another.

I dream that they will not only be sisters, but life long friends as well. I hope that I can instill the value of that on both of their growing hearts!

Kensington is just growing like a weed too. She is 15 lbs. I have no idea how tall she is now, but I can tell you that we have moved into bigger clothes because she just grew right on out of the ones she had.

Size 3 diapers. longer hair. starting to sign.started on a sippy cup. all just reminders that she falls into the "older baby" category now.

So what happens when I wake up in January? She will be 1. I hope I dont blink too much between now and then. Wouldnt want to miss a single second of what is left of babyhood.

We love our sweet Kensington oh so much. Our family was forever changed and blessed by the addition of Kensington Kay!

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