Friday, September 9, 2011

A long post about Kensington. And some other stuff.

You like that title? Creative. I know. I know you were in great suspense as you clicked the link to open and read.

Ok. So lets just say it. Its over. "Its" is nursing. I dont even know where to begin. It was a fabulous, stress free, effortless, wonderful, meaningful, precious, and super sentimental 7.5 months.

From day 1, the girl would latch and eat without her nervous about breastfeeding mama to worry about. I was nervous about it because meet Anslee who was a breastfeeding disaster. That was what I had to compare too, and it scared me because I wanted more than anything to be able to nurse successfully.

Nurse successfully. I did it. I know. It didnt last a full year, but that doesnt make you successful in my book. What makes you successful is doing it until your baby is no longer being satisfied from it.

About 2.5 weeks ago, for about 3 days in a row, Kensington went back into her colic days. I was so confused. You see, I had been enjoying every ounce of her for months at this point and knew something was up. She was a happy go lucky baby turned fussy and mad. I was examining my diet. Nope, not a thing out of the ordinary. I was trying to tweak wake times to make sure she was not getting *excuse my bad mama language* OVERTIRED. (Its a dirty word in the mama dictionary for.sure.)

Nope. She was good with her wake times being 2.25 hours in the morning and 2.75 hours before her 2nd and last nap of the day.

Tyler, my most patient and super baby -in- tune husband, said, " Shea, it wont hurt to try her on some formula. Now that she is not completely and utterly insulted by the bottle, lets give it a try."

You know I thought he was a nut. I looked at him and immediately started crying at the idea. I reminded him how in the midst of colic, and mild post partum depression (another super long post on this in the future...when I am ready.) nursing was the one thing I had. The one thing I could count one that would always be "good" with Kensington. It was my comfort, my only comfort towards her for such a long time. I could not imagine letting that go.

I married a smart man. When I married him, I knew that even when he came up with wacky ideas and concocted silly plans in his pretty little head, I would have to give him a shot. I needed some guidance in her 3 days of non stop fussing, and that was what he came too.

After wiping my tears, and clearing my foggy thoughts, I said ok. We can try. Just a little. Not a lot. I was in no way going to give up. It was still so easy, and going so well.

Enter the next day: Kesnington nursed. Then basically in one big breath took in 6 oz of the powdery goodness.

Happiness. Coos and Smiles. Playing. My sweet girl, in one bottle was a happy camper. She did not fuss again until it was time for her to nap. (and this nap nazi mama was happy to oblige her request via fuss.)

Everyone knows my little girl (who UNLIKE her big sister in the food department) likes her food. Needs her food. Lets you know when its time for food.

So for the last 2.5 weeks, we have been weaning. In the last couple of days, I offered her a delightful session of nursing, to which she would accept for about 3 minutes. Then I was empty and she was still hungry.

Nursing is a supply and demand phenomenon. One of the best things our female bodies are able to do, no doubt. But when your baby's diet begins requiring other nutrients (via solids) and starts sleeping 12+ hours a night, the demand automatically (and nautrally) goes down thus the supply does as well.

I say we started weening 2.5 weeks ago, but really, if you think about realistically, weening started when she started eating solids (which she does like a champ) and then when she finally decided sleeping at night, and I mean all night, she started growing in great spurts. So her growing body was requiring more, but I was supplying less.

That does not make for a good combination...hence 3 days of fussing non stop.

I feel proud of myself. I feel VERY proud of Kensington. We made it. We did it. We were successful, and now we are on to the next phase in her life.

A phase full of sippy cups, finger foods, and so so so much more. I am excited.

In all reality, she will have formula for the next 4.5 months. I am good with that. She got all the goods from me that she could and I feel happy that I could do that for her.

Have you met my friend Amber? She gets a gold star for being a super mommy to sweet baby Hudson.

Amber and I went to college together, but were not as good of friends as we should have been. Little did we know we had so much in common.

Hudson is FANTASTIC sleeper. Yeah, that little boy started sleeping 12 hrs and 12 weeks. Had Kensington beat by leaps and bounds. He is now a great eater. A happy baby. Yep - credit due to Amber because she worked hard to get him where he is. Seriously, she is a great mama and I know that she understands where I am coming from because her Hudson nursed until he simply could not any more.

All of that to say, Amber and Hudsons story encouraged me when I was feeling insecure about weening becuase I would be proud to be the kind of mother that Amber is, and she realized that Hudson was just needing more ounces than she was making.

Way to go Amber. You are a rock star! Hudson will know one day how incredibly lucky he is, and I hope he will tell you when he understands what a great mother you are.

Thank you also for your constant encouragement through the hard times with Kensington. I needed it more than you knew I did :)

So there you have it. Kensington is growing before my very eyes and her baby days are numbered. I am so blessed to be enjoying her the way that I am. She, along with big sister girl Anslee, fill my heart with joy. I am overflowing with thankfulness to mother them, and I am doing it in the best I possibly know how.

...and here she is happy and healthy as can be.


Amber Ruth said...

i love it! thank you so much for the sweet shout out! i got a bit teary eyed for you... i still some days wish i was nursing hudson but i know he is a happier baby bc of it. I blame in on the good sleeping habits he learned so early. =) your such a great "internet" friend! hehe! love you and praying for you!

The Whitt Family said...

Shea, you are one fabulous mom! I hope you always remember that!