Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For the Love of Music!

2 is such a fun age (minus the horrendous tantrums). I don't even really consider Anslee a toddler any more. She is a child. A pre-schooler. A little girl who is capable of all types of learning. She seriously blows my mind daily by the things she comes up with, what she says, and how much she understands.

I knew Kindermusik would be a perfect program to introduce her too. I am always trying to find new and creative ways to facilitate learning. This is fun for her, but she will reap so many benefits from the concepts that she will pick up every Tuesday at Kindermusik class!

learning rhythm by tapping two wooden sticks together!

Working together with the big tarp and singing Ring Around the Rosey.

Holding hands in a circle, still singing!

Moving their bodies to the music!

The lessons that they learn in this program are lessons every parent wants their kids to master. They are not only being introduced to music, but in doing so, they must follow directions, take turns, and stay on task.

When those school years come around, all those lessons will come in super handy!

Above all, my Anslee had fun and I got to be there firsthand to see her smile and hear her squeals of delight!

We had such a fun time, and clearly are itching for Tuesday to come back around so we can sing and dance to our hearts desire!

Thanks Sam, Andrew, Aiden, Ella, Emerson, Kevic, and Carter! We had so much fun singing and dancing with all of you!

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that boy mitch, big O, and me! said...

oh my goodness, stop saying she's a child... NO i don't want Owen to turn two :) i am so glad she loved kindermusik. Owen started when he was 4 months or so. it's SO much fun, isn't it?!?!