Saturday, August 13, 2011

The first snip.

Besides going to Kindergarten, We have no more "Firsts" left with our sweet Anslee girl. She has pretty much done it all now.

I waited 2 years 6 months and 19 days to let her get her precious locks trimmed. I waited all that time on purpose. It seemed like it took FOREVER to grow in, so I was going to put this first off as long as I possibly could.

It was certainly time though. She needed it and did so well!

We headed over to Nathanas here in Brownwood. Its clearly the cutest little salon and they took such great care of us!

We made a great big deal about what a great big girl she was. Going and getting her haircut just like mommy does. She was excited.

Sister was there to cheer her on!

Her daddy was such a sport. He even put on a pink cape for his girls big day!

{disclaimer: Daddy did not get his haircut at Nathanas. He did his own. Thats all I am going to say about that}

Look who got bangs :)

I mean, bangs totally brought her straight out of toddlerhood and right into childhood. Stop. I can't handle that.

She was so good. Totally could have pulled off being 4. Maybe 5. Definitely older than 2.

You know the hottest thing right now for girls is feathers. Who would have thought? Couldn't pass up on that for my big girl. She won't leave a trend behind.

This one started to fuss a little.

Don't worry, Kensington. Your time will come, but right now you are still my baby and I am keeping your little budding locks on you as long as I can :)

Such a sweet day!

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