Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Are you kidding me? I've now been a novice at mommyhood for 2.5 years. Can't believe that for even one second.

At 2.5, you would think this girl is 22.5. She is sassy as anything and strong willed like I have never seen.

She is imaginative, happy, creative, clever, and just plain fun.

She sings all kinds of songs. Builds the tallest "prettiest" towers out of her blocks and legos. She bosses her sister around so much already. She still doesn't really feed herself. Food is still her least favorite. She is scared of swimming. Wants to be outside all day. Loves to get dirty. Can't be more than an arms reach away from blanket. Or Brown Bear. Or Elmo. Is ever so sneaky (ask Tyler where the rest of his Dr. Pepper went the other night)

She counts to 12. Says her ABC's. Loves Yo Gabba Gabba (still not sure why) Knows every character on Sesame Street. Tells me everyday that she is mama's girl. She is in charge of making sure everyone gets a goodnight kiss. She "reads" books. She talks to us in complete and fully understandable sentences. Asks why? and What is this? all day long. Makes sure I know what color everything is. Can work my iphone as good as I can. Knows the motions to isty bitsy spider. Loves to tickle. Takes 2 hour naps (most days). Doesnt really care for baby dolls. Doesn't even remember what wearing a diaper was like. Gives the best hugs and kisses. Plays hard. Has a huge personality. Could win a fit throwing contest. Makes really big messes. Always needs a bow. Loves to shut doors. Sucks her thumb to go to sleep. Has a shy and quiet side. Takes her mama by surprise daily.

She prays for: All of her grandparents. The yellow balloon. Elmo. The motorcycles. The marching band. Baby sister crying (?). Max and Molly. Mama and Daddy. All her books. And everything else she can possibly remember from that day.

I look at her little sister, and think, if in 2 years she ends up just like Anslee is today, I will be one proud mom.

Love this little stinker! Can't believe that she is closer to 3 than 2 now. Wow.

Found this on Pinterest. Of course if you change all the "hims" to "hers" it speaks worlds of truth to me in regards to my sweet Anslee Elyse.

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