Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the Park!

In honor of time passing much to fast and my girls getting bigger by the very second, we loaded up to make some memories at the park this afternoon.

What a fun time I had with my girls!

We splurged on lunch. What I mean by that is that Anslee and I ate sonic and Kensington had some of Earth's Best jar food. We are living on the wild side here people.

French Fries count as a veggie, right?

My big 6 month old had a pear/mango combo. Its a #2 food. How is she eating #2 foods already? Did I not just bring her home from the hospital yesterday?

To no ones surprise she licked the jar clean and loved every last bit.

First time in the park swing. You would have thought I was slipping this girl some sort of sugar filled candy. She just giggled with pure delight. Love seeing my girls enjoying themselves.

Can't keep this girl still at the park. She was climbing her way to the top before I could even turn around. Such a monkey girl she is!

We are certain this girl is going to be inducted to the music hall of fame one of these days. She finds some way to make music wherever she goes. So glad the park has these fantastic barrel drums for her to bang on to her hearts content.

Pushing the little sister girl was hard work. We were wiping sweat from her brow from all the strenuous activity.

The time at the park wore the sisters right out. They are being quite as can be, sleeping the afternoon away.

Oh. These two must stop growing so fast. Days like today make me want them to stay my precious angel babies forever and ever.

HAPPY 6 MONTHS to my Kensington. In just 3 short days the big girl will be 2.5 years old. That means 30 months. Do you know that is the fastest 30 months my life has ever known?

God smiles down on me in his entrusting me to be their mama!

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