Saturday, July 9, 2011

Playdate Fun!

We live in a small town. So us SAHM's take every single opportunity we have to get together and get out and about with our kiddos. We have to get creative, and thank goodness my sweet friend Shantel put together our Sweet Pea playgroup that gets together basically every Wednesday morning through the summer months!

We have had so much fun. We had an ice cream playdate, a camp out playdate (who knew how much fun setting up tents would be for 2 year olds?), and the last two weeks were spent at the Brownwood Fire Station and at our house for some water fun!

My little Fire Chief.

Lori with her two sweet peas!

Cindy with her little man and little lady!

Alesia and Riley. Since this photo has been taken, sweet Hayden Joy joined their family!!

Shantel came with her big boy, Aiden. Poor Owen was sick at home :(

Miranda. That girl is always put together in the best outfits. Style is her middle name. The same can be said for little miss Precious, Ava, who Miranda keeps in the best that baby fashion has to offer.

Jenna is like me. There is no bow too big. Stella is clearly her little diva, and is very put out with all the picture taking. Sorry Stella, you are too cute to not capture on camera! (Next time, we will get big brother Spencer to share your spotlight!)

Sarah and Madeline joined in the fun!

Checking out the station!

Wish I would have been able to get a photo of all the cuties that came out, but while I was not snapping photos I was chasing around a very curious Anslee. Luckily, Kensington was being managed by Lori.

Anslee and Kensington hosted the splash playdate this past week. We just had the best time. All of our kiddos turned into little fish and did nothing but soak up the sun!

The smallest babies had to stay inside. Those big kids are much to rough and tumble for our little fragile ones. Thats ok, they had a club of their own on the living room floor. Fun was shared by all!

Meet Holton. He is 6 months old and practically running. My jaw dropped when I recognized his impeccable mobility!

As long as she had her paci, she was happy as a clam. Sweet girl doesn't know that the carefree days with the pacifier are numbered!

These summer days are as fun as they are hot. My goodness! Its a wonder we have not all melted away by now.

Swim lessons take place next week. Tune in to see how those play out. I am almost certain that the big sister girl will addicted to the water. Cant wait to see!

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