Sunday, July 24, 2011


I live in Brownwood, Texas. Home of the Howard Payne JellowJackets. Fantastic Baptist University educating some very fine collegiate kids I happen to be fond of.

But. If you know me, then you where my heart lies. It lies in Abilene, Texas at Hardin-Simmons University. The school that grew me well in so many ways past my education. I could go on and on about how everyone should head down to the 40 acres for the best college experience that Texas has to offer.

My personal HSU journey is one I will never forget and always treasure. It was a special time in my life that I always be thankful for. Clearly, it was God's divine plan for me to spend 4 years there, making my closest and most precious friendships, meet my husband, and gain a spiritual and educational growth that I could find nowhere else.

I was involved in several different areas at HSU while I was a student, and I am so glad that I am continuing to stay connected to the University by serving on the Hardin-Simmons Board of Young Associates. This a board of up to 75 members at least 3 years removed (graduated) and under the age of 40 that meets twice a year to help the University in several different capacities. At just about every meeting, Dr. Hall, The HSU President, comes to tell us of all the great upcoming plans the University has. New Major Fields of study, Financial updates, etc. It is always so wonderful to realize that HSU continues to improve itself with each passing year.

All of this to say, when we get to gather for our bi annual meetings, we are always in for a good time. I look forward to it each winter and summer!

We headed down to Abilene and of course food was our first stop. Logans Roadhouse. Look who was head of our table

Here is the little girl who clearly left too much broccoli on her plate.

Now that all the girls have arrived, it was time to get to work.

PS: remind never to stand next to Julie again. She makes me look huge.

My friend Lisa Stegner and I co-chair the Networking/Communication committee. I like to say I just follow her lead because she really knows the drill. Here we are hard at work.

Ryan had this look on his face all weekend long...

Student Recruiting. Busy as bees.

Lis joined up with the membership committee this year. So glad they have her!

Sid Rich lawn is where its at during Homecoming weekend. You will find me and my 2 babies playing until we are blue in the face. Here they are planning away for the future Cowboys and Cowgirls place to play. The Pre-Recruiting group might be the most loved group of us all.

Ok. So I guess our scholarship/fundraising committee was super efficient and finished before I could whip my iphone on them and get a photo. They are great as well and clearly work very hard year round.

Here is the table of the exec's. I bet Matt Dowling would have turned around to flash a smile for the camera, but I was trying to be candid so...sorry Matt.

The bookstore got wind of all of us alumni coming to campus, so they opened their doors and let us shop. Found this little gem and could not pass it up. Don't worry, the whole Moses family left Abilene with a little HSU attire.

Of course we couldnt just come to work, so when the work was done and it was time to adjourn we headed out to relive our college days together. Now that babies are certainly apart of the mix, we wanted to make a stop by the Grace Childrens Museum. We ended up being late, and couldnt get in, but The Jones Family got to enjoy some fun play time. We went and met them, and Becky took Kensington off my hands for a moment so I could chase around/get on too/take potty breaks with Anslee. So nice to be able to leave my little one is such good hands!

We headed to chick fil A next. Tyler needed a cookies and cream milkshake. The kids played.

Anslee managed to boss both Logan and Hadley around the play area. Sure hope they invite her to play next time.

And yes. All of these babies managed to nap. I know, I was shocked that it happened too.

As if chick fil A was not enough, next on the agenda was dinner at Belles Chicken House. Such a fun atmosphere, and thankfully they can hold a party of like a million.

Of course we had to get a photo of the whole group by the big Chicken head. Wouldn't have been the same weekend experience without it!

What a fun time. So glad that 5 years post college I can still come back and bleed my purple and gold.

Go Cowboys!

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