Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Ever since I had Anslee, going to the pumpkin patch has become a little fall tradition! (I mean, I guess I could have gone and taken pictures with Tyler, but simply said, its just would not have been as cute. Or fun.) 

This year, it was exciting to include our newest addition in the tradition! Oh, and Kensington loved and hated the pumpkin patch with all that was in her! Needless to say, we had a great time and got some pictures to record this falls memories!

What fun it was to set these two up in front of a precious back drop and snap away. They thought they were in a little play house. Precious.

They love each other so much! Love seeing these two being sweet! 

Anslee knew the drill. She sat right down, picked up a pumpkin and straw of hay and said, "take my picture mama!" Trained well. Love her.

How cute is this little halloween kitty? Just the sweetest 9 month old alive! So easy to get a smile out of this one...

Unless you surround her in a large mound of pumpkins. Not to worry, 2 years from now she will be asking me to take her picture while posing with pumpkins. Sister will be sure of that.
What sweet girls I have. Crying and smiling alike. 

Love fall. Love a pumpkin patch. Love my precious little pumpkins more than words can say!
Ready for the cold front set to come in! 

Happy fall to you all!

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