Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Help my wannabe HEALTHY kitchen.

Can you help me?
My family is in major need of a pantry overhaul.
I mean, we need HEALTHY meals stat. 
I do the best I can, with what I know, but I am not ashamed to say I dont have a lot of HEALTY 
I need CREATIVE ideas that will put my kitchen to good use.

What is the inspiration for this particular post you ask?
I'll tell you, but I am not proud of it. 
In fact, I got a little sad. A little frustrated and a bit down on myself.

I tried to put on a pair of black dress pants from back in the old days when it was imparitive
that I dress business casual 5 days of the week.

Back in those days, they hung off my hips. They were baggy and comfortable.
Size 2. If you must know. 

Well those were the old days. Pre- kids. 
This post (2) C-section body is clearly not walking out of the house in those pants anytime soon.
While I try to not let my mind stay here for long, I really am ready to get myself back into those pants. I workout at LEAST 4 days a week, so its not a lack of exercise. Its what I am fueling my body with that is bringing me down. This mama is ready for a change.
In all reality, its more than getting back in those pants...its about being accountable to my
my family's health.

Its not good when my girls literally out eat me and Tyler in vegetables and fruits every SINGLE day.
All of this jabber to say: HELP. Tyler and I both want to be healthy (I'll let Tyler know he wants this a little later!)

If you have any healthy recipes that you particularly LOVE, please please please send them my way.
I lack creativity in the kitchen. Help!

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Meagan Ruse said...

I hear ya! Tim is doing "calorie counter" where he enters in everything he eats. It helps him keep track of everything he puts in his body...all the exercise he is doing...lets him know what he's lacking...It's really helpful and it's free! I'll be starting it once I'm done nursing Sadie. We've started eating more healthy too. We've cut out salt and butter. So, instead I use olive oil (for butter) and I use Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning on Chicken, baked potatoes (I've switched to sweet potatoes). We also do a lot of gluten free things. I'll have to think of some recipes for you...Something that I've learned through calorie counter is to flip everything over and look at the serving size. I never eat more than a serving, unless it's fruit/veggies. It has helped me be more controlling.I've started making Tim and I a fruit salad, so I always have a healthy option, instead of a dessert. It's hard on his mommies, isn't it? We're so good about giving our kids healthy things, we seem to forget about ourselves! Post the healthy things you try on your blog and I'll partake :)
~Meagan Ruse