Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Days of Thanks 8 - Friendships

I think when I was born something special ran through my veins.
The need for extraordinary friendships.
I needed it more than most, I think.
Ever since I can remember, I have always found friendship to be something
of a gift from only God. A blessed relationship between
two or more people.
A source of encouragement and growth.
I take my friendships very seriously. I am beyond thankful for several women 
in my life that I call "friend".
There is no way that this particular blog post could 
hold a picture of every single friend I have had that has made a lasting 
impact in my life.
While I attended Hardin-Simmons, God saw favor on me. He gave me a group
of girl friends that I hold especially dear to my heart. For a time in my life,
they were family. We lived together.
We truly shared life experiences with one another. You know me on a level
that not a whole lot of people do or ever will.
You know that I love you dearly and literally
Thank my God for giving me you.
I have a few friends who I clearly could not enjoy life without.
You precious women, you have spoke truth in my life.
You have given me strength and helped me succeed.
You have seen me at my worst. You have celebrated with me.
You are more than just someone passing through my world.
I am convinced that I spend eternity with each of you. Our friendship goes beyond 
this very world.
I appreciate you and this season, I am thankful for you.

Even though college has come and gone, and we have all gone 
our own ways in the world,
we will always share a strong connection that I will never forget
and always be thankful for.
I treasure you.

I have not lost the need for friendship post college.
I have again been blessed with SO MANY women in my life who
continue to grow me. I do wish I had a picture to share
of each and every one of you.
please know that am I grateful for each and every friendship I have
had throughout my lifetime.
I have been forever changed by each of you!


Ronnie and Christen said...

You my friend are also a gift to so many I am blessed to be in this group you call friends!! Love u and your sweet family more than words can express!!

Julie Sorrels said...

Awwww, Shea! I'm getting teary-eyed! I am so so so honored and blessed to be your friend! I wish I could see you more and spend more time with you! I miss you and love you tons!

Mike and Becky said...

I feel the same way, girl! Love you lots!! :)