Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Big News.

I bet you are not as surprised as I was 
(ok, as I STILL am!)
but yes. its true. it has been confirmed.
Baby Moses #3 will join us in the early part of August.
August 14th is the last possible day the doc will keep me pregnant.
(for those who likes dates and such.)

This child was given to us on God's time alone.
Certainly not on ours.
We are grateful.

This has taken us plenty of time to adjust too.
We found out a while before Christmas
and have barely processed the news since then.

Tyler and I agree that each child is a blessing, a reward, a gift, and
nothing to be taken lightly,
so we rejoice that our Lord has chosen
us to be raise another baby for His kingdom.

Kensington and the little peanut will be right under 19 months apart
in age. wow. I thought the 24 months between 
Anslee and Kensington was squeezing it.
We will be busy. We will be tired. It probably won't be easy.

Busy and tired will be nothing in comparison to the amount of
love and joy we know this baby will bring.

We saw the doctor in early January
(who told me I was almost as bad as some of his teenagers)
and Baby had a steady heartbeat of 152.
A bit slower than the sisters who rang in at 183
and 178 at their first sonogram respectively.

So there ya have it. No turning back.

Who will join me in a prayer for a non-colic newborn?


Meagan Ruse said...

Oh, Shea! Congratulations! You sound a bit like me when I found out about Sadie...Surprised. I took 4 pregnancy tests- ha! Holden and Fount are 22 months apart, Fount and Sadie are 17 months apart. It's absolutely crazy :) And, now, Sadie's been here almost a year and it is all just as it should be- the perfect fit to the puzzle. Congratulations, again!

Jessica Jeffrey said...

congrats to y'all!
what a fun surprise!
praying for a smooth, easy and healthy pregnancy for you, shea!
blessings to your sweet growing family.

Lee Family said...

So happy for you guys to be having another little one. Maybe it will be a boy this time. My sons heart beat was around 150 everytime while I was pregnant. Those little girls need a boy to love on. Congrats again! Eat non-colic foods...LOL

Amber Ruth said...

i'm gonna go ahead & say boy! hudson's & baby boy #2 heart rates were both in the 150's!! =) i love love love being pregnant with you & raising these newborns! =)

Kristie said...

Congrats! You're right, you are going to be so tired, but SO happy! I will definitely be praying for your growing peanut.

The Brown Family said...

My girls are 13 months apart. I'm sure you can imagine the thoughts that passed through my head as I held my 6 month old in the OB office and she told us we were expecting again! Crazy. Yes, it takes awhile to process, but it will be so much fun!!!

The Bethancourts said...

Oh Shea congrats! Nathan and Lawson are 16.5 months apart and Lawson and Weston are 20 months apart. We are just newly starting on this journey of family of 5 and it's difficult, but rewarding. Praying for an easy #3 little one! Remember, you can and will make it with the help of Christ and good family and friends! Actually, more than "make it" you will flourish because it's precisely what the Lord has for you!