Friday, February 10, 2012

Pregnant Once, Pregnant 3 times. Its all the same. Or all TOTALLY different.

I went and saw our sweet surprise on the big screen earlier this week.
It was fun to see him/her again.
Goodness me that child was wiggling and squirming 
so much that it took the docotor a couple tries
to get the heartbeat. Oh, but then,
like a good little peanut would,
she/he allowed us to hear the sweet sound.
Back up in the 160's.
Moving and dancing so much already.
love it.

Ok, so there was a new nurse.
She was really sweet. It was just a new face,
and in her efforts to get to know the patients,
she says to me,
"So, is this your first?"

Tyler was off work today so he got to tag along!
Sure do love when he gets to accompany me!
We looked at each other and laughed.
I said, "oh no, this is not our first!"
Then Tyler said,
"this is actually our 3rd baby, our 2nd is just 
over a year old now."

The nurse was like, "well honey, I have 4
and once you have more than 2, whats another added to the mix!"

I have heard that a time or two lately, and let me tell you,
those words are music to my ears.
I will always be wanting to hear this phrase over the next 6 months.

It got me thinking though, about how the tables have turned.
How much I have learned.
How things are incredibly different from the first time I learned
I was going to be a mama.

When I was pregnant with Anslee, I wanted to have morning sickness.
I thought it would make me, you know, "feel the part".
Was I crazy? Well, maybe so, but thats the truth.

I was also wanting to feel all the other pregnancy symptoms.
Isn't it funny, how, when you want it to happen, it doesnt happen?
I was later very thankful for the ease at which my body handled 

Oh my goodness. I wanted to show! I wanted people to take notice
I was pregnant! Ha! and Ha!!
I was really disappointed when I was approaching the 3rd trimester
before I bought my 1st pair of maternity jeans.
again. HA!!!

I waited with a great deal of anticipation for each doctors appointment.
It was a sweet time, and just brand new.
I embraced every single thing about the changes pregnancy brought on.

You can bet I had her nursery planned out to every last detail by the time I was 22 weeks.

She arrived. We obsessed over every little thing.
I remember asking the doctor if it was normal that she sneezed so often.
Tyler took about 6098567 opportunities to learn how to swaddle.
We had to have the diapers with the yellow line that turned blue
when it needed to be changed.
(ok, we do still like those)

Then I got pregnant with Kensington.
Yay! We planned out this pregnancy!
The first thing I did was pray that I would not be sick.
Uhm. What good would I have been to my Ans
if I was spending all of our quality time with head over the toliet?

I was so thankful when just not wanting food anywhere near me
was the worst "sickness" I experienced.
I eased through this pregnancy, working out
at high intensity 4 times a week usually.
I also eased through this pregnancy in the sense of 
I felt like I had an idea of what to expect.

Ha! Kensington as any regular reader of this blog would know
rocked our world into something brand new.
Bless her sweet, ever so "present" personality
she made herself known (and loudly!) when she arrived.

I was a bit saddened when I busted out the maternity pants around 16 weeks.
I wanted to hold out. Oh I wanted to hold out
(not like the first time around!)

I think I had her nursery done like 6 weeks before she came. Maybe 7.

Then she arrived. I didnt think I would obsess over the little things with her like I
did with her big sister. Then she was colic
and forced that to happen. Mostly out of denial.
After that ended, we eased up and took things in stride.
It was nice to be able to do that.

So back in the early parts of December,
when we found out we were yet again pregnant 
I began asking for these things:

1. Please, I dont want to be sick
2. Please let me at least make it the 2nd trimester before the maternity clothes come out
3. Please do NOT let a stranger verbally take notice that I was pregnant for a while.
4. Please, lets do life like I am in fact not pregnant, so I can still be
everything I need to be to my TWO kiddos at home.

While I think pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle, the more you do it,
the more perspective you have that seems to change.
I just think its funny.

Thank goodness for my phone reminders! Its debateable
on whether or not I would have remembered we had
an appointment today if I buzzer did not go off yesterday!

Oh. and you can bet there will be NO belly pics this time. Its been done two times over.
We will take them, and save them for the baby book.

Which by the way, since this baby is coming in early August, 
and lets be honest. This poor, very loved little angel,
will probably come home to a crib with a clean sheet
and maybe a changing pad, maybe.

I get a kick out of how experience and time change your state of mind
so very, very much!


Erin said...

Shea, I have enjoyed evey one of your posts. I am so encouraged by you and I am praying for you and your family as well as baby #3. I will continue to pray for no colic as I know it was such a hardship this last time. Many blessings to your family!!!

Amber Ruth said...

hehe loved this! and totally agree with everything you said and were only on #2! lol! 24 weeks and our baby doesnt have a name or even a house to live in for that matter hahaha!

Samantha said...

Congrats on baby #3 Shea! It's true that after 2, a 3rd is just another little person running around. No big deal. :) Until you want to go out somewhere with all of them, then you realize you don't have enough hands! :) It all works out though!

Lee Family said...

Everything you said is so true! LOL Hope your pregnancy is going good so far. I can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or girl. I think your little girls need a brother!