Thursday, April 5, 2012

All 3 Dressed in Pink!

Goodness gracious!
I have to pinch myself sometimes to realize what a 
charmed life I have been given!

We found out yesterday that we are having a 3rd baby GIRL!
Ecstatic does not even describe how we feel 
about this great PINK news!
What great friendships I get to watch be established
and grow in my very own home!

With all of that said, I was pretty vocal about
wanting to have a son. A part of me wanted 
to venture into the land of the unknown!
A part of me wanted to watch Tyler grow a young
boy into the Man he is today.
In fact, all of me wanted to see that happen.
I can promise you this:
There is no greater person walking planet Earth
that is better equipped to turn a boy into a Man than Tyler.

 Knowing that, here is how yesterday unfolded for us:
We went to the doctor and had a sonogram.
We looked on the screen and saw a healthy, growing, moving,
happy, precious life right before our very eyes.
We were grateful and in love at the very sight.
We had Dr. Neel put "the picture"
in an envelope and we took it home to open.
The girls were both at MDO, so it was just the Trooper 
and me.
We were both shaking a little, and super nervous. 
I was the one who ripped into the envelope.
Inside we found a picture that clearly
showed the little lady
in all her glory. Also included
was a little note that read,
"I'm a little Girl!"

I had my moment. A possible tear or two was shed.
That was ok, it was almost like I was grieving 
the son I would never have.
It lasted 5 minutes before the elation set in.

The joy that we already have known 2 times.
Oh my word. Another little girl who has two best friends
already living in her home.
A Mama who promises to:
put her in cute bows.
match her clothes to her sisters.
love her with all her heart.
make sure she gets good naps.
fill her belly to its fullest.

A Daddy who is committed to:
provide a strong foundation of faith that she can grow into.
give her time and attention.
pour into her self worth.
tell her she is beautiful.
believe in her abilities to do anything.
teach her.
fix things for her.
be her very first love.

While I still believe that there is no one better suited to raise a son,
There is also no one better to bring up a daughter
who is confident and full of self respect and never lacking for anything.

So much goes into raising a daughter. Its no job for the weary.
So much extra worry. Details that will desperately need to be tended too.
What is more precious than the heart of a woman? Who
has God entrusted to mold and grow this little girls heart 
into that of a woman's?
Our Lord has granted us the privilege and the extreme challenge
to do this 3 times. Our prayers are heavy,
as we know raising these girls will not be easy all the time.
Needless to say, raising girls is nothing but an honor,
so my tears came fast and went away even faster. 
We are humbled to be given such a task!

Tyler, this house full of girls will build generations 
of happy and successful families because
of how you are raising them.
I dont know of 3 girls that could have a life any better
than one with you guiding them!

Here she is. One of Three of the most precious 
little girls I will ever know!

PS: I know the high school years will be interesting.
PPS: Is it ok to just have one big wedding day, for all 3 of them? no?
PPPS: We think she already has a name, this time, thanks to her daddy. Stay tuned!


Mandy said...

I wanted me and Traci to have double wedding so badly! We would have been the talk of Galveston County! I think it's definitely okay - it's just getting those darn boys to propose at the correct time...

motherglover said...

Very well said, Shea. Congratulations to your precious family!

The Brown Family said...


Amber Ruth said...

loved. this. post! you are so good at words!! i totally could relate to your "grieving" a son...I felt the same way with this one...sad for a moment for not having a girl but then elated with joy for another sweet baby boy! love being a mom with you!

The Skains Family said...

Yay!!! I know ALL about three girls. It's so fun and they will have so much fun together. Jeff and I always say lets just have one wedding. We will choose a date and everyone must be ready to go by then :). Oh boy do we have so much to look forward to in those teenage years. But you are so right! It is a blessing to be the one to help mold the hearts of three little ladies who will one day grow up to be mothers of their own little ones. Congrats to you and your sweet family!