Saturday, April 28, 2012

For my documentation. Mainly.

I have blogged before about about my 
utter lack of putting things down in baby books,
scrapbooks, and such. I have had the most luck
with keeping up with this blog, surprisingly,
and even that has not been all that great!

I thought I go ahead and put something
"on the record"
for this pregnancy.
Don't worry, its likely that this could
serve as 1 of just a few updates on being pregnant.
I know most of you have much more interesting things
to read about than my being pregnant.

I am about 24 weeks and SO ready to 
move on into the "ok she is clearly pregnant" look.
I still just look like I ate 1 too many burritos.

This week, I actually started to feel like a pregnant person.
My feet/legs really started hurting. I had never
had that happen in my past 1 pregnancies,
so that got me really freaked out about the possibility of swelling.
I really really really do not want to swell. It seems so miserable! 
I have also never been at this point in pregnancy during
this time of year. 

Super early on (like 14 weeks) I started feeling the "quickening"
but since then, not much movement.
I feel sweet girl each day, but not that much at all.
All I can say is thank goodness for that!
Kensington moved all the time. Non-Stop. 
I would always tell people when I was pregnant with her,
that had I been pregnant with her first and then Anslee,
I would have been in constant worry, because comparatively Anslee
moved like 1/3 as much as Kens did!
She seriously moved and kicked and punched all day long.
 I associate all that fetal movement to
her colic and unease, I guess. So, I am taking
what seems to be a calm natured pregnancy this time around
as nothing but a BLESSING! Certainly still
praying each day that she be born with a temperament
that matches the status of the pregnancy.

This pregnancy has been pretty easy, as were my past two,
and very textbook. 
From what I can tell, at this point, I am carrying a bit differently, but I attribute that
to my weight gain, which happened all before I got pregnant.
(Thanks for that due to pregnancy w/ Kens...and I even nursed her after she arrived!)
Strange I know, but at this point, that is where it has stayed.
I joked with some friends that I felt pregnant in my arms
and face mostly. Maybe that is why I am
refusing pictures this time around.

 Right now, I fear having this baby early. No real
basis for this fear, but its a real fear. 
I have my babies early, but I don't want to be too early.
I have too much to do and want this baby to 
be at least as squishy as my Kens was ( 6 lbs 8 oz is huge in my book!)
when she was born.

I am working out about 4 days a week ,not able to push
myself as much as I would like, but at least I am moving.

Things that need to be done:
Take away kensingtons pacifier.
Get a bedroom ready for the girls to share.
Get the girls prepared for room sharing.
Change out 2 letters for new baby girls initials in the current nursery.
Come up with a middle name for baby girl.

What I love:
sno cones and milk.
I know you were all dying to know that too.

Ok! Now I will have something solid to look 
back on when I think about my 3rd pregnancy many years from now!



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Mandy said...

I love hearing pregnancy updates so keep 'em coming! I find it all so fascinating so know you have at least one reader who is not at all bored with your updates!