Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pull Ups for Pedicures.

Potty Training is not for the faint of heart ya'll.
Its the power of the wills at its finest.
A huge accomplishment and one worth celebrating.

Can't believe that 1 year ago my sweet Anslee
traded her last pair of pull ups for panties and has not 
looked back for even one second!

I look at her now as capable of anything.
I remember this time last year being so mad at myself
for doubting her ability to make the transition.

We decided that 1 year of being a big girl meant
another reason to celebrate.
Who isn't looking for any reason at all to spend
alone time with this cutie?
Pedicures all around!

Pink and sparkles were the only choices.

She was super still and felt like she was big time.
Pretty Pink Piggies!

Can't wait for more excuses to do special things with this girl.
(and the two that follow close behind her!)

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