Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Laynee Blair!

July 31st has come, and with it came our sweet
Laynee Blair Moses!

We went in to check her growth that morning.
Little girl wanted to stay little.
Not a thing had changed from the week before,
and we knew it was time for her to grow on the outside
instead of on the inside from that point forward.

We we were 99.9% sure that would be the case,
so we headed to the doctors office with our hospital bag
in the car and a carseat and base installed.
(both had been done the night before, mind you...not a second a before)

We left Dr. Neel's office and headed straight to the hospital.
under 3 hours later, at
11:55 am I laid my eyes on her for the very first time.

She was 5 lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long.
A huge piece of tiny.
I love every inch of her, and thankfully had
an almost instant connection.
(For those who know my story, you know this was a huge prayer of mine)

She has hair like Kensington did.
Long skinny feet like Anslee.
I can't help but see all of the good in both Ans and Kens in Laynee.
Her nose matches that of both of her sisters and does her chin.
(A trait from mom and one from dad)

Since she is so small, and pretty sleepy, nursing challenges
came from the first attempt.
I am happy to say, now, that 6 days have passed she is doing
remarkably better and learning so quickly.

The C-section.
Whew. I hate surgery.
I was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm when I went back to the OR.
There is something so eerie about being in such a 
sterile environment.

The spinal took fine. Tyler was able to come back with me once 
I was good and unable to feel anything.
I was still awake, very aware of everything going on.

Lets just say this...
I was aware of every single thing that was happening to me.

So. Did you know there is a national back order on 
the medicine they call astromorph?
I am assuming its a form of morphine.
All I know is that typically this medication is put in with the spinal,
because the spinal only lasts for as long as the surgery lasts.
The astromorph provides comfort on a longer lasting basis
(24 hrs) after surgery.
So what happens when there is a national back order?
The hospital gets none of the medicine and neither do you.

By 10 pm Tuesday evening I was in a lot of pain.
The poor nurses were trying to help me as best they could
with the pain killers in pill form and demerol.
It just did not give me quite the relief I was hoping for.
Guess I am little wimpier than I had originally thought I was!
Each day has been better since! In fact, since being home,
I have only taken 1 of the prescribed pain pills!
Just 1! 
I think my body, after 3 of these, is savvy on how to 
get back in gear.
The recovery has been a million times better this time
compared to Anslee's. Its never fun though!

There you have it! What we gained this last week!
Here are some photos. I totally recommend having a friend who 
has photography skills coming to the hospital to capture those moments.
Hopsitals are not the prettiest setting, but its a time you won't
want to forget. 

 Kensington, worried about having to share paci's.
 The best girl dad that ever was.
 puffy. ugh.
 All 3 of my girls with all of their grandparents!
 Admiring my 3rd baby girl!

 Happy 3 times over! Can't believe it!
Richly blessed indeed!


Ronnie and Christen said...

Yea for Laynee Blair and all the sweet Moses family! Can't wait to meet her so glad things are going smoothly so far! Love you!

Amber Ruth said...

so sweetly written! She is sooo precious! And you look amazing for just having surgery & a baby! I dont know your "story" about not feeling connected...but I maybe going through something similar with hampton. I might email you sometime soon...=)