Wednesday, July 25, 2012

6 Days.

We checked on our sweet Baby L this morning.
What a stubborn little bug she is when it comes to growing!
We are sitting on 37 weeks and measuring 32!
Thankfully, she is healthy as can be, and of course all her
organs and such are as old as she is,
but her tiny body wants to stay tiny!

The doctor found 1 (as he describes) "halfway decent"
pocket of fluid, that keeps him "comfortable enough" to let her
cook for 1 more week. He said (and of course this is always an estimate)
that she is weighing about 5 lbs 1 oz right now.
Tuesday is his day at the hospital, in which he does not schedule
in office patients and spends his entire day at the hospital.
He is going to check my fluid levels, and unless there 
is a huge increase in both the fluid levels and her growth,
we will have a baby girl that evening.

July 31st. Another day that will mean just as much as January 22nd and January 19th.
Oh these 3 days will be the most special out of each year.
We are such a blessed family, and I tear up just thinking about
how the Lord has shown us such favor by his gift 
of these 3 baby girls.

When I left the doctors office today, I changed my mindset for the afternoon.

Its a "yes!" day.
Kensington is going to get her pacifier every time she wants it.
I rocked her to sleep for her nap. I love that she will still fall asleep on me when I want her too.
There will be no reason to battle her today.

Anslee got to eat part of her lunch in the living room.
She got a cookie and watched 3 episodes of Curious George at 1 sitting.
I am going to read her 3 books before nap, instead of just 2.

I have to to do the little things to make these 6 days count,
and I love the idea of a "yes" day every once and a while.
I spend so much time saying no,
that saying yes is so refreshing...
even if it means bending my own rules
for a bit.

Please join us in prayer, as we make these 6 days left as a family of 4 special and memorable!


Mandi said...

Praying for you and your growing family as you prepare to welcome your newest blessing. And thanks for the reminder that some days should indeed be "yes" days!

The Myers said...

So excited for you and we are most definitely praying. Can't wait to hear of her arrival and see precious pics. Hang in there friend. Almost there. :-)

The Skains Family said...

3 baby girls!!! You are in for blessings indeed. I am just so thrilled for you guys. Enjoy these last few days with your other sweeties. I love this "yes" day idea by the way. We may have to adopt one of those soon!