Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Life Mom.

Sometimes I feel sub-par.
Like I don't quite measure up.
Any other mamas agree?

Someone feeds their kids healthier than you feed yours.
So and So's house is always more tidy than yours.
There are days where I want the girls to sit and watch 1 hour of TV.
I mean in one sitting, people.

Sometimes I make myself feel this way.
Other days, my mama counterparts can make me feel this way.

So, In order to share my real life with you,
I decided to share some pictures of my 
"Real Life" today.

This is what my house looks like.
Getting ready for a new baby in about 3 weeks.
Juggling 2 kiddos each day.
Only having 2 arms and so much energy available.

This is what I usually look like. Until my 2 pm shower.
Thats right. No make-up and my best t-shirt.
Bins full of folded (well somewhat) baby clothes.
Lucky for us, they are actually labeled!
Clean laundry. Not folded. Been that way for 4 days now.
When you have 2 kids, that you brought into this world,
you sometimes have to tote them along with you.
Here we are at my doctor appointment yesterday.
I take them to wal mart with me.
They are my responsibility, right?

I guess I could get a grip on things, and have my van cleaned out more often.
That would require time away from the two pictured above.
I have spent this summer trying my darndest to make their everyday
special and memorable.
Its too bad other things have had to take a backseat
but I am not sorry for it!


Megan Diane Gibbs said...

Listen I NEVER take a shower before 3pm! ...sometimes I just go through the day and take a bath at night ha! I live in t-shirts and headbands, and i only have ONE kid..your a great mom..they don't notice the laundry ;)

Krystal said...

I didn't shower until 6 today and I only have one child. We have laundry that has been folded and in baskets for over a week now. It looks like a toy bomb went off in our living room! Don't feel bad one bit. Unless you have a nanny and a housekeeper it is NOT possible and then I might just take a nap! :)

Samantha said...

My kids watch a movie pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.DAY & that's like 1.5 hrs of tv. And I still don't get laundry & ironing done. You're a great mom. :)