Saturday, July 14, 2012

Overwhelmed with Sweetness!

I am aware that this sweet baby on the way
is the 3rd one for our family.

There are some very thoughtful, gracious,
and giving friends who apparently
didn't get the memo that baby showers
are "typically" for first babies!

My pretty friend Barbara and I are a part of a Stroller
Exercise program that our dear friend Jill runs.
When I say "runs", I mean directs with great force.
We sweat people. Our babies are with us the whole time,
and they get the benefit of being engaged with us as
we do lunges while we count to 10 in German.
Or we squat thrust to our "ABC's".
Mom gets in shape. Baby is being intentionally taught something
significant. How perfect is that combo?

When Jill and the other stroller strength mamas found out
that Barb and I were having baby girls within 3 weeks
of each other, they pulled out all the stops 
to an amazing double shower for us.

I just can't believe how blessed I am.
I feel so undeserving, and I promise,
I am grateful beyond what words can express
from the outpouring of love
that my sweet unborn baby was shown today.

To all of you:
Thank you. You made my day.
I can't believe that my little one
will have diapers and wipes to use until
we are ready for her to use the potty.
I am so humbled by the support and love.

Here are some photos from the fabulous party that
was oh so special to me.

Jill, Barbara, Myself, Torri, and Sara
(Barb and I with our sweet hostesses, minus Kim - who
has a military husband who was receiving an award at the time)

Praying for Barbara as she is expected to deliver literally any day now!
Can't wait to know little girls name too!

Food glorious Food!

Delicious Cake!

Diaper cakes, complete with sparkling cider
in the center for us to open and celebrate the arrival
of our newest family members with!

Whoa. Not sure what happened with my photog skills here,
but you can still see, there are enough diapers, wipes,
and cute baby girls clothes to fill a warehouse with!

It was so beautiful, complete with sweet friends and lots of yummy food.
I can't get over how loved I felt by each person there (and many
of those who werent able to come as well!!)

All I can say is thank you, from the bottom of a very pregnant
mama's heart!

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