Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warning: this post contains a picture of Kensington's 2 year molars coming in. Just thought I would warn!

Worry not- it's a not a picture of bathroom/diaper situations. I won't subject any of you to that. Ever- and please don't subject me to any of your kids bodily function situations either. Deal?!

I just thought this made all teething pain babies deal with make sense. Bless my sweet girls heart- 2 year molars are no joke. Anslee never bled when cutting teeth, but Kens does every time.

Today she was screaming because she dropped one my hand weights on her foot while I took my turn with Anslee jumping on the trampoline. It was when she was screaming that I saw the inside of her mouth and noticed the bleeding gums. Today was not a good day for Kensington- I also caught her in the dryer when I was feeding Laynee. If her sisters weren't always needing me, I may have been able to deter the climbing into the dryer and weight dropping on her foot from happening.

Doesn't this look super painful?

This is her in the dryer. She knows now that is never allowed. She totally understood I just needed a picture first.

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