Sunday, February 3, 2013

6 months.

Babyhood is in full swing here at the Moses'!
Our Laynee is 6 months old and as sweet as she can be.
We never knew what we were missing.
So glad she is ours.

Laynee is in the sweet spot of babyhood.
Alert. Full of laughs. Not mobile.
Sleeps great. Plays happily by herself.
Takes in everything around her.
Eats. Eats. Eats.
Grins big at her silly sisters.
Super talkative.

At 6 months old Laynee:
Takes 2 long naps, 1 catnap 
and sleeps 12.5-13 hours at night.
Takes 4 bottles, 7 oz each.
Eats 4 oz of solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Cannot figure out a sippy cup to save her life.
Has no teeth, but, mom is guessing a couple are on their way.
Wears some 3-6 month clothes, some 6-9 months.
Size 3 diapers.
Weights 15 lbs
Sits up, with support.
Loves toys, especially her little rattle and busy table.
Almost always sleeps on her belly.
 Thinks she is big time in the full on push up position.

Is just pure joy. 
We could not be more proud to have this girl in tow.
She lights up our life. 
Still the sweetest surprise of a lifetime.

Can't believe we have gone from this:
To this.
Just for fun,
Here is Anslee at 6 months
 Here is Kensington at 6 months

Now, we are 90 to nothin' to 1 year.
I am certain that nothing makes time go faster
than being a mom.

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