Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anslee is 4!

Why does 4 seem so much older than 3?
Doesn't it, though? 
Toddlerhood officially reached its end with our Anslee.
She is a kid. In childhood.
In full Pre-School mode.

I feel like I just became a mom,
holding my first baby, Anslee.
All 4 lbs and 11 oz of her.
I remember my first look at her. 
I was in recovery after being knocked totally out
for her delivery.
She was in the recovery room with me. 
I woke up, turned my head to the right,
and opened my eyes to this.
Only God could create something so precious.
She was his.
She was cleaned up, warming up, and all legs. 
very, very skinny legs.
She had on those pink socks.
The sweet little hand sewn beanie.
She was sleeping.
I thanked the Lord for her health.

I remember my very first thought was that I had 
never laid my eyes on anything so incredibly beautiful.
I was beside myself, and I remember this all - 
though I dont remember much else of the hospital stay with her.
General anesthesia is a bear to get off of.
We won't go there.

I had never nursed a baby before, but that was all I wanted to do.
Instinct had apparently kicked in.
The sweet nurses could not get her to me quick enough.
She was tiny, and so perfect.

We brought her home, to our little apartment in Hillsboro.
I hope she will forgive us one day. We didn't have a clue
what to do with her. 
We are still first timers with her.
She will probably need counseling someday,
bless her soul.

We have watched her grow in amazement. I see a little
piece of heaven in her,
as I do all my girls.

She is so compassionate. Very sensitive to feelings.
She is quiet, and a timid if you are meeting her for the first time.
She is quick, and witty with her words.
She soaks up EVERYTHING around her. She doesn't miss a beat.
She understands much more than I give her credit for.
She is a teacher.
Lives to instruct Kensington on the ways of life.
She is a helper, and a giver. 
She can be sneaky.
Holidays are her favorite - we listened to Michael Buble
Christmas from March until December last year.
Her imagination is wild. Playing pretend is what she does best.
Dressing up with jewels and high heels almost every day.
She loves Jesus. Wants to pray all the time.
She loves to sleep. 
I know I will have to pry her out of bed during the school years.

This little girl has had my heart since June 2008 when we found 
out she was well on her way.

and, now, she is 4. Constantly reminding me
that babies will always be good at one thing:


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