Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kensington is 2!

January 19, 2011 we welcomed
our Kensington Kay Moses into what was
our little family of 3.
She made us a family of 4.
A day I will never forget.
That wednesday morning, I dropped Anslee off at
Wee kids. I sent her off with cupcakes,
to celebrate her 2nd birthday with her classmates.
I dropped her off and went straight to the store.
I had a feeling I would be having Kensington that very day,
and I had the advantge of not being a first time mom.
There were some {very necessary} items I would need
if I was going to be having surgery that afternoon.
I just had a feeling.
Tyler had an assingment to work in Abilene on a task force that day.
I had a doctors appointment. 38 weeks.
When the doctor measured my belly, he noticed
it was decreasing in size from the week before.
I was measuring 36 cm at 38 weeks, when at
37 weeks, I had measured 37 cm.
I was scheduled for a repeat section on the 25th.
He did a quick sonogram to measure fluid levels, and not
to anyones surprise, they were low.
She was officially on her way.
6:03 pm came and she entered this world.
6 lbs and 8 ounces never cried so loud.
Precious girl, made a statement upon her arrival.
a LOUD one.
Kensington has changed our world in so many ways.
She took her family in a whole new direction.
She humbled us.
She smiled big. She did everything big.
She still does.
At 2 - she is silly.
funny. loves dolls. knows the disney princesses
better than she knows her shapes.
barely funtions without her big sister. counts to 10 (skips 4 and 6 everytime)
loves to eat. is surprisingly quiet at school. speaks in 4 word sentences.
is a middle child in every.single.way.
Her favorite thing to say is easily,
I love you.
will steal your heart. gives 100%
could change this world one day.
We love this sweet girl. Its hard to believe she is as old as Anslee was when
she was born. Even harder to believe that she is now a big sister herself.
We love our sweet Kens. She makes everyday interesting and new.
Her spunk adds so much beauty to this family of ours.
I can't wait to see God's plan unfold for her.
I know he has something big for her.
Our life would be sorely lacking without her.

stay tuned for a post on her big sisters 4th birthday.
then soon to follow, her little sisters 6 month post.
They grow so fast!

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