Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wonder week 19

Bless little Laynee's heart you guys. She has been so busy developing that she can't catch a break. Or a good nap, for that matter.

Sweet girl is 22 weeks old this week. And is usually spot on with wonder weeks in term of age. (This one can start at early as 14.5 weeks and end as late as 21.5 weeks.)

Usually, she shows all the classic signs, and it takes her about 3 days of weirdness and she is back to her normal, laid back, happy self.

People. Almost 2 full weeks of developmental leaps mixed in with holiday fun. Toxic combo- I warn you.

We tried everything to help her. I mean everything. Don't think she hasn't had a bedtime of 5:30 pm this week to combat the overtiredness that was happening from short naps. I go to extreme lengths for a baby's rest and I am not scared to admit it.

Last night with the early bedtime, she slept 14 hours. She woke up to then take an almost 2 hour nap. This is a normal nap length- but it had not happened in almost 2 full weeks! Now, she has had some more awake time and is going on another 2 hour nap. I feel like we are making progress here. At least I hope.

All of this to say- this was such a leap for my girl, it was blog worthy.

Over the last week, she really started doing new skills consistently and more intentionally. She responds to her name every single time now. She also grabs at toys and purposefully plays with them (makes them "sing", makes them spin, etc)

She also has stated making new sounds with her voice. It's beginning to sound more like language than her regular babbles. Let me tell you- girl has a lot to say. She went from being quiet as a mouse, to cooing and babbling, to now making more pronounced sounds- which seem to be so.much.louder.

Bye Bye wonder week 19, we will not miss you around these parts!!

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