Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready 2013.

Somehow, we were in 2011,
and I woke up with it almost being
2012 was a quick year, bringing its joys -
and its tials all in the same way.
We started out 2012 by celebrating a
3rd and a 1st birthday.

I couldnt believe it,
my girls were 3 and 1 -
and I had known for 9 weeks that
another angel baby was headed our way.
So a couple weeks after the girls
big birthday bash,
We posted this:
Wait. Didn't I already have a tiny baby?
Yep. Sure did.
And a toddler who was quickly becoming
a pre-schooler.
We were thrilled.
We found out in the first few days of April,
that a SISTER was on the way to make
3 dressed in pink.
July 31st came in a wink,
and happines found us all over again.

Our family was born - into one of five.

Shortly after Laynee joined us,
we celebrated with Tyler,
as he made an advancement in his career.
He took his Trooper II test -
and passed with flying colors.
His oral board interview could not have been better.

We took this photo 4 years ago in September on his first day
as a commissioned Officier.
He took the next step by graduating to Trooper II.
A lot of people don't understand how the Department
of Public in Safety operates.
I happen to be one of those people -
I do know this:
Trooper II level troopers are now eligible
to promote to other investigative positions
within the Department.
He has many plans and dreams that are now
beginning to take shape -
and while I can't really publicially discuss what he wants to
just know God is working on making Tyler's
dreams come true
and me and 3 little girls are lucky to tag
along on this amazing journey of his.
Right around the same time that Tyler promoted,
we welcomed our 3rd neice!
Cadence Ruempolhamer was born on September 26 -
healthy and happy.
We are so thankful for her little life.
That sweet girl is probably the most laid back baby
that ever graced planet earth.
Not one thing upsets her. EVER.
Earlier this month Tyler and I headed to
Frederiscksburg, Texas to
enjoy our 5 year wedding anniversary.
We had a an amazing time! Thanks to Tyler's
parents, who braved taking on all 3 girls overnight!
All in all its been a special year.
Our family became complete.
We are so enjoying where we are now in our life,
and are so thankful for
We have some goals for 2013. I thought I would share -
mostly to hold myself to some sort of accountability to them!
1. Tyler would like to continue the process he has started with DPS.
2. I would like to help Anslee do these things:
-memorize a bible verse, once per month.
-count to 100 before she turns 5.
-recognize some sight words.
-teach first time obedience and work on heart issues.
3.I would like to help Kensington do these things:
-count to 20
-continue helping her learn shapes/colors
-have her sit while I work with A on scripture
Big girl bed
4. I would like to help Laynee do these things:
-move from 3 to 2 naps.
-help her through all the babyhood milestones
(sitting up, first words, walking, etc.)
-at the end of the year: teach body parts
-help her to understand simple commands (No, come here)
-enjoy her baby days

and it looks like she got a head start eating solid foods, as she started today.
She did well, and I am pretty sure she was ready -
though I was not. Not even a little bit.
5. I would like to do these things:
-loose the rest of Laynee weight
-learn to sew by taking lessons
-look for a 4 bedroom home.
-support Tyler in his job as he needs during transitions
-have the next post from this blog be one on a new blog layout
(this is in the works!)
then of course there is always to stay better organized and do some type
of community service project as a family.
Here is to a happy, healthy start to 2013 from all of us to all of you!

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