Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Truth in Tinsel day 1&2

We are loving this advent season- and have had a great start! These girls are so fun and get so excited to do little crafts.

This mama loves turning off the TV- opening our bibles and reading about why we celebrate this blessed time of year- each year.

I want to burn the real reason of the season on their tiny hearts- so doing and activity and a reading each day I hope will re-iterate just how special this time of year is.

Thank You 1+1+1=1 for the Truth in Tinsel ebook for us to follow long with.

I had Tyler print off the ebook and we put into a binder for easy use.

Here are some pics from day 1 and day 2

Isaiah 9:2-7 is the Old Testament prophecy of a savior being born as a light into place of darkness- so we made stained glass window cut outs of candles :) it's an ornament that hangs on our tree.

Day 2 continues in Isaiah 9:2-7 and also talks about how Jesus, who is born as a light - is a long who will govern and rule over the kingdom of David and peace will increase as rules justly and righteously. So today we made little Kings crowns and decorated them. We punched a hole for an ornament hook and hung it on our tree.

Next year we will have enough "handmade" ornaments from the girls that we will have an entire separate tree in our house that will be home to those little masterpieces alone.

I love this season- and hope that my kiddos will soon understand the precious gift we received upon the birth of a King!

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