Monday, December 17, 2012

A Mom to the World.

So to say that I have been devestated by the
Newtown, Connecticut -
Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting would be making light.
I am crushed. Personally attacked.
I have not stopped being emotional since coverage
on Friday morning began.
I have been especially struck by this particular
little angel.
Emilie Parker. 6 year old little girl.
Precious blonde hair, blue eyed.
I bet when she left for school Friday,
she was excited about life.
I bet her biggest worry was pair of scissors
she was going to use.
I saw her picture all over the internet.
Then, I saw this.
Emilie is on the right. Accompanied by her sisters,
and mommy and daddy.
You see, this is my family.
My family, 2 years ahead, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Emilie is my Anslee.
I bet this photo was their 2012 Christmas card.
I can't help but wonder,
did their Christmas card 2 years ago look something like this?
Maybe something like this, with blonde hair and blue eyes?
To Emilie's Mom.
Your loss must be undescribeable.
I can't begin to imgaine your pain.
The life you live today, is different from the one you lived
this time last week and I can't comprehend
the devestation you feel today that you didnt then.
Emilie is beautiful, and you were a good mom to her.
I hope that Jesus comforts you during this time,
and I pray that hold fast to the hope of being with her
again someday.
One of my friends gave great perspective to me on Friday.
She said,
"Once you are a mom, you are a mom to the world - and those
kids are your kids."
This made perfect since as to why the tears would not stop.
Why, honestly, they still have not stopped.
The 2014-2015 school year will be here before I know it.
Anslee will begin her journey. Soon to be followed
by the journey of her sisters.
On that day, I know I will think of Emilie Parker. I pray a prayer
for her mama. I will let go of Anslee,
and pray that she be in a place where the evil she sees
is little in relation to what is really there.
God Bless the families. God Bless those who had to spend their work
day investigating such tragedy.

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