Monday, March 25, 2013

As of late, As of random.

We have been up to so much
and so little around these parts.

We love trying out new hairstyles. Anslee wanted a braid and a bun.
I put the two together and this is what we had.
If Anslee has it, Kensington is begging for it -
so braided buns all around!

People give me funny looks when I tote around this crazy crew
at Wal Mart. I get lots of sympathetic smiles.
I always hear "you have your hands full" from total strangers.
Its a great challenge. Thankful (again) for the Baby K'tan.
Loved this item dearly when we added Kensington - 
loving it just the same with Laynee.

 My 3 are all members of the HSU Cowpoke Posse.
Are yours? Sign em' up yall.

Ya'll know I'm a reality TV junkie
Remember Sean and Catherine on The Bachelor?
Now we are on to Sean and Peta on 
Dancing With the Stars. Team Murgalo has a signature move-
Anslee and Kensington wanted to participate.
Cute can be sad, too, guys. Check it.

Swingin' sisters. Love em.

Guess what?
A certain Kensington Moses 
tackled the whole potty training business.
She is doing great in all her big girlness.

My parents came to town the other day.
Its too bad no one was interested in seeing 
Tama. Poor thing.

This mama got herself a treadmill!
You can find me huffin' and puffin' at 6 am 
in my garage pretending to kill it everyday.
These girls are campaigning hard for their Papa!
Tyler's dad Jay is running for his 3rd consecutive term as 
Chief of Police for
the City of Coleman.
If you are a Colemanite - early voting starts April 29th!

 Remember when I was good mom, and homemade 
Anslee and Kensingtons baby food?
I guess I am benched from team supermom - 
poor Laynee has never had a single bite of homemade food.
Plum Organics it is. 
Seriously - though- I would never homemake 
these crazy concoctions! 
apple raisin quinoa.
purple carrot, pear, blueberry?
I think she is getting healthy foods. 
I'll leave it at that people.
 Love this Silly Billyz bib.
Without being too tight around the neck,
it gets close enough to ensure no food spillage
onto the clothes. I need more of them!

 Its so secret that having babies does crazy things to the bod.
When I have a baby - and she is 4 months old -
I shed like a long haired dog. Its awful. Ask Tyler - he never
complains about that. (ahem, I lie.)
But at 7 months post partum this is what I deal with.
New growth.
I always look disheveled.
Please don't point out the out of control fly aways.
I am well aware.

Stay tuned next week for my sweet girls Easter Pictures post.
I already have them back - but my mom will shake her head at me if I post 
them prior to Easter. 
I oblige.
Happy Holy Week ya'll!


The Atwoods said...

Oh my goodness, Shea! I thought I was the only one with crazy new growth going on at nine months post postpartum. I look like I have antlers! :)

Your girls are so cute!

A Wee Irish Family said...

You two are NOT ALONE with those bang fringe things. 'Cuz OH MY GOSH I have to wear my bangs down every single day now unless I want to look like I stuck a finger in the light socket!

So glad you mentioned it. And pictured it. :)

Stacy Gardner said...

I am a BW mom and have a question for you. Do you have an email address that I could email you at?

Tyler and Shea Moses said...

Hi Stacy! I am sorry I am just now seeing this! Please email me I'll be glad to help if I can :)