Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Laynee Girl.

My sweet girl is 2 days away from turning
8 months old!
She is doing new things by the minute it seems!
Love watching her grow.

Doesn't she look very 
pre-toddlerish in this picture?
I think so.
She is wearing nearly all 12 month clothes!
I can't remember for certain what the sisters were 
wearing at this age - 
but I feel like her baby-ness
has just been so short lived!

She is in between 3 and 2 naps per day.
Somedays she needs the 3rd. 
Other days - no so much.

Over the last several weeks she has started doing lots of new things!
She pulls herself from a laying to a sitting position.
She says dada and mama!
She is slowly learning to put food in her own mouth.
She plays by herself and with her sister very well!
My favorite thing, though, is this!
I was sitting right in front of her 
(she helped me sort the mail)
and she reached for me.
Outside of smiling - this is my favorite.
I love when they see you - and instantly want you to pick them up.
I just give in. Every time.
She is not a snuggler type in any way,
so if I can steal a little loving just by picking her up
you can bet I will!

I can't believe how big she is getting!
She has been a joy since day 1!

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