Friday, May 3, 2013


I am so excited. My world changed 7 days ago.
My "S" turned into a "W"
I was formerly, Shea Moses, Stay at home mom (SAHM)
Today, I am Shea Moses Work at home Mom (WAHM)
I am thrilled. I am already so much more fulfilled with who I am,
and who God says I am by making this little tweak to my title.

I have partnered with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields.
You know them.  They did this.
They revolutionized the skin care market with this one. 
3 Billion Dollars later - adolescents everywhere 
are acne free! A True teenage dream.
Well, What they did for adolescent skin with Poractiv Solutions, they are doing
for more mature skin. By more mature, I mean, if you are no longer an adolescent.
I know. I had a hard time realizing my skin at 29 is considered "aging".
Thanks to the Doctors, I am ok with that because now I have this.

These products were originally flying off the shelf at high end retail stores
like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.
They were the number 1 seller for skin care in these department stores.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on them, and for good reason. 
So they changed their business model to make that happen. I am so glad they did!
 I am loving this line and I can't believe I get to actually work
for this company and still be at home with my babes.
So, as you can see above, there are 4 different regimens in this product line.
1. Anti-Age/Redefine: Ready to be rid of wrinkles? You want this.
2. Soothe: Sensitive skin? Red patches? You need this.
3. Reverse: Sun spots? Age spots? Not after you use this!
4. Unblemish: Adult acne? Acne scaring? USE THIS.
Oh. Here is the biggie. Not that everything above isn't HUGE.
But this is Massive. This is crazy.
Want a face lift? Ok. We can do that. Easy.
 Seriously. Use this once a week. This machine walks you through, step by step,
on how and where to use it at what strength level.
No one needs botox now. This little gadget is going to keep my skin
29 years old for the next 50 years, minimum. :)

I work with an amazing team. They are driven, motivated, fun to visit with,
and most of all, super encouraging and very very helpful.

I want to share this with everyone. Not only the products, but the business opportunity
if you are interested. 
We are a no home parties, no high pressure, non inventory stocking gig.
The momentum is huge right now, and I am glad I jumped in with both feet
on the ground floor. I love that I am earning while I am learning!

I would love to sign you up as a preferred customer! This way - you 
get 10% off, free shipping, and other random perks througout the year!

Here is my website: take a minute to look around!

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