Friday, May 31, 2013

10 months old!

Laynee Bug is 10 months old! She is a busy bee
these days and we are having a ball!

Laynee is eating super great. She certainly can put back some squash, peas, sweet potatoes, purple carrots, blueberries, bananas, quinoa, mango, - and much more - but just to name a few. She is slowly adding finger foods to her diet and getting used to them. She has had black beans, bread, rice, and pieces of green beans. She was a chronic gagger that for a while, but I think we are past all of that now. She does still have a bottle - but we are for sure in the gradual weaning process of that. She has even had some days where she only had 3 liquid feeds. I plan to be down to just a sippy cup in the next 2 months. She is doing well so far with a her sippy cup, she caught on much faster than the two big girls did. 

Sleep is great! Girl loves to sleep and she sleep SO quietly. She even wakes up quietly. She takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap. This week we moved to a 2-3-3.5 schedule and it seems to have ironed out some rough naps we had the week before. So, she has 2 hours of awake time before her 1st nap, 3 hours of wake time before her 2nd nap, and 3.5 hours before bedtime. Sometimes it gets to 4 hours - but she is always back in her bed by 3.5 hours because she always seems so tired at that point. She sleeps in a pack n play, her crib, the travel crib at my parents house, the regular crib at Tyler's parents all just fine. She doesnt fall asleep in her carseat - but I think that is more because we are never out and about when she needs to be napping really. I don't think she has fallen asleep in her carseat since she came out of her newborn/new baby coma around 3-4 months old. She sleeps 12 hours at night and her naps are anywhere from 1.5- 2 hours during the day. 

Crawling/Pulling Up/Cruising
This little love bug got off to a later crawling start (8 months) than both of her sisters who started right before 7 months and right at 7 months, but when she finally did, she took off and never looked back. Now, if I am not keeping a close eye on her - she gone. She is stealthy, too. She is quiet and quick and so my challenge to keep her out of the dogs food bowl has been set. She pulls up on everything and is cruising around our ottoman, around her crib, and the couches. She cruises around my parents coffee table and our entertainment center, too. She does something I I have not seen much of - she will be crawling and then all of sudden in end up on her hands and feet, like a bear crawl - push up position. Its like she wants to push herself to standing, but can't. Its funny.

Playing with The Sisters!
I have loved watching her being able to really play with her sisters lately! They include her in everything they are doing. They play with their Little People Princess castle a lot together, and now - Laynee goes right with them to their bedroom when they run off to play together. They will all 3 laugh together and Its just the sweetest (squealiest) noise! Sometimes Layee will grab at something they are playing with and they do not appreciate that, but they always share and Anslee really understands now that Laynee is still little and doesn't understand that grabbing at a toy is not "playing the right way". They LOVE playing in the bath tub with her. They give her all kinds of toys to play with and always make sure they don't splash her face. Same thing in the swimming pool. Kensington has even started baby talking to Laynee while they play - its so funny to watch. 

Talking and Teething
Laynee babbles all day long. She is my little jabber queen. She does have a few words she says pretty clearly - "ma-ma" and "da-dee" and "nigh-nigh" She can sometimes say "bye bye" but does not wave yet. She only has 1 sign - "more" and she is super spastic when doing it. I laugh almost every time. Our Laynee teeths with grace. She has 4 teeth - two on top, two on bottom. She has only had 2 days where her teeth were bothering her enough for teething tablets, and they were not consecutive. Her top teeth bothered her the most. Sophie is her best teething friend, and if I am wearing a necklace it goes straight to her mouth every.single.time. 

Favorite Toys:
Like I mentioned before, Sophie is her best little carry along toy. She squeezes it and of course chews on it.  She likes her exercauser, and LOVES the little people princesses. She has a bright starts rattle she likes and studies a lot, and then any of the toys that make noise she is a huge fan of. We have a kitty cat keyboard that she goes to town on pretty often. She doesn't have an attachment lovie or security item at all. I will probably introduce her to a blanket soon. Anslee got attached to hers around 13 months and Kensington wasn't until MUCH later - like in the last 8 months or so, really.

Laynee and Lolly:
Laynee loves our new dog, Lolly. She reaches out and grabs for her, and Lolly loves her, too! She is constantly trying to lick her and sniffs her all the time. Poor Lolly has taken a few hard plastic toys to the snout with Laynee's spastic motions, but she never flinches. Lolly will come up to Laynee and lay beside her. They were fast friends, no doubt. All the girls love our Lolly Pop (as Ans always calls her)

We are loving life with this sweet, quiet, happy, healthy, energetic,
baby girl!


Elizabeth said...

So precious! We just started finger foods besides puffs with Elyanah and she is gagging a ton! So that makes me feel better that Laynee did it too.

She looks like she is doing great!

kate @ livinglovinglaughing said...

oh she is adorable! growing so big and cuter every day :) x

Mandi said...

She is beautiful, just like your other two girls. So hard to believe she's already 10 months. Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it!?!