Thursday, June 6, 2013

To Make Her Happy!

This is a total brag post - and I don't even care.
I need to document this so I can remember it forever.

My sweet Anslee girl has a heart of gold, yall. 
She really, at 4 years old, finds ways to be empathetic 
with those around her. If she can tell I am upset
about something - she tries really hard to understand why. 
If Kens is upset about something (which if you know my sweet Kens...)
she immediately wants to be a source of comfort. 

Today, we were at the store and we passed by a section of flowers.
Anslee immediately looks and them and says to me:
"Mama. I really want to buy these beautiful flowers for Molly,
because she is my friend and they will make her happy."

We were not really in the market for flowers today - 
but I was so taken back by my girls thoughtfulness
that I quickly said yes and that we could take them straight over
to precious Molly girl.

Sweet Anslee,
may you always have the heart you did today.
Pure joy to watch your heart be forming into
something so very, very beautiful.
Thank you, 
for reminding mommy that little things,
when done with a selfless spirit are gifts
that leave a mark on someones heart for lifetime.

  Precious Molly - 
thank you for being such a sweet friend to Anslee!
great friends are hard to find, and Anslee has a gem in you!

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Mandy said...

I love that - such a sweetheart!