Monday, July 20, 2015

Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week

It is Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week this week! The ladies in our network have all decided to blog on probably our all #1 favorite topic: Sleep habits! Sleep is a broad topic, so each of us will focus on different angles of healthy sleep habits and how creating those habits can be beneficial for the entire family.

The week will look like this:

So today, head on over to Valeries blog. She is talking about how healthy sleep principles have benefited her children from infancy all the way into the pre-teen years. 


Krista Earl said...

Hi Shea. I have a 5 week old who we have been doing Babywise with since Day 1. We started implementing the consistent wake time at 7am on Monday (10:30pm feeding, 3am feeding) but she is not going down for her first nap. I thought I was maybe keeping her up too long, but now when I try the 45 minute window, she was wailing off and on for over an hour before I took her out of her crib to calm her down and move her to the swing so she would get some sleep before her next feeding. Any advice to get her to start her day with a solid nap? We do a consistent bedtime routine for each nap/night sleep. Thanks so much!!

Tyler and Shea Moses said...

Hi Kriata! Glad you stopped by here! After reading your question, I think I have a few suggestions for you to try! First, congrats on your new baby girl. At 5 weeks 45 minutes is a good "general" amount of wake time to aim for (and this is including the amount of time it takes to feed- at 5 weeks wake time will basically begin the very minute they open their eyes), but for some babies, especially those who don't handle overtired was very well - it may be just a tad too long. So my first suggestion is to try cutting down to 40 minutes of wake time before the first nap. Then, before her next naps throughout the day- you can increase to 45 minutes. My 2nd suggestion is to give 45 minute wake times a try for about a week. Since you began this just a few days ago, she may need a little time to adjust. Also- keep in mind that 6 weeks past the due date for most babies is a little bit of a turning point. They will be able to handle a few minutes LONGER (literally, about 5 minutes more) around 6 weeks- once they begin extending their nighttime sleep! Keep up with the consistent sleep time routines. Use a noise machine and a good swaddle. Hope this helps just a little!