Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BFBN Week: Brooke and Kimberly

As the BFBN week continues, today we hear from two lovely ladies! First up is Brooke!

She gives us an encouraging word about letting go of the guilt and the fog that the guilt brings when it comes to deciding how you want your house to run. She understands what it is like to see status updates from friends on facebook or random articles that are being circulated around the world wide web that make you question your choices. This week since we are discussing sleep - she is talking about the guilt that can result from wanting to find a solid sleep schedule for you child but battling all the "bad talk" about doing so. Brooke gives us the freedom in her post to move confidently forward in the choice to schedule your child's sleep should you see fit to do so.

Next up! Kimberly from Team Cartwright!

Kimberly is giving great reason to maintaining sleep schedules while being on vacation. She talks about why she still values a well rested child while vacationing! We are still in the swing of summer time, and many of us will be going on vacationing and thinking about how we will possibly handle sleep schedules while enjoying some down time away from home. Check her out!

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