Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 is better than 6!

Ok, again, I am apologizing for not updating sooner. I always have the best of intentions to do, but its amazing how fast time passes by and I find myself realizing that there are not enough hours in the day to get done with everything I had started the day intending to do!
The last few weeks have been come and gone, and thats the way we like it right now! Tyler has successfully completed 1 month officially in the DPS Training Academy, and is finding that he is really good at what he does. He has passed all of his tests, every spelling test with a perfect score, and staying in good shape mentally, physically, scholastically, and emotionally while being down in Austin. He feels like there is nothing they can do to him that would make him want to give up, and that makes me very proud of the character he posesses. We are in the middle of week 5 now. With 5 months to go now instead of 6. 5 is better than 6, so I will take it!

The weekend before last, when Tyler was home, we were able to go up to Mineral Wells, TX and spend time with Tyler's parents, sisters, cousins, 2nd cousins, and Aunt and Uncle. We had a really good time, while eating really good food and having really good conversation with each other. Tyler's dad, Jay, and his uncle Bobby Jack, and his cousin, Doug are all involved with the DPS. Jay and Bobby Jack are retired DPS law enforcement officers, and Doug is currently a Highway Patrol Sergeant in the Weatherford Office. I thought it was great that they were all together and all have this career in common, so I took some pictures. Bobby Jack and Frieda have the cutest home, and thats where all these pictures were taken!

Here they all are, standing exactly same. It must be something they have all learned while being a part of the DPS. Or maybe its just a male stanse for picture taking in general. Who knows?!

This is such a great picture of Tyler and his dad! I think that it is so special how Tyler and his dad share the passion for a career. They have always been the best of friends and very close, but Tyler following in his father's footsteps and having that they will have always to share. I think that Tyler has learned so much from watching his dad, and how valuable that has become for him not only personally, but now professionally as well.

Tyler's aunt had some GORGEOUS flowers growing in her backyard. I think Tyler was really sick of me trying to take pictures of everything, but the flowers were too pretty to pass up the excellent photo opp. so I made him. I know in the pictures he looks very bald. This is not true though. Tyler does in fact have some hair, much more than can be seen from the pictures. Its just the glare...I promise. Ha! and I am actually much more tan and 10 lbs lighter than I look too....

It was great to see Jacy and Lacy and Nate in Mineral wells also. Whenever there is a chance to get a picture of the three of them together, I always try. The one from this particular weekend turned out really good I thought!
Jacy (in the middle) had just got her hair cut and colored and I could not get over how great it looked. We were sad that Brian, Jacy's boyfriend, couldn't make it to the get together because he had to work. He was having to work that weekend.

We were excited that Lacy and Nate were able to make it down from their home in Keller! They have been married almost 2 years, in July actually! It was fun to be able to catch up with them and hear about the things going on thier lives. I was envious of Lacy...she is a teacher and gets summer's off. I wish I did too!

Well, as far as my work goes, it has been unusually stressful lately. I did have the opportunity to travel out to one of our major construction sites last week. It was interesting to be able to see the product of our work back in the corporate office, so that was good, I am just not a fan of traveling. It was exhausting, they work longer hours and in a much different type of enviornment that what I am used to back at the home office in Abilene. The drive down there was beautiful (Hwy 6 all the way to Hillsboro was the route I drove). I am glad I didnt get lost though...I was almost sure I was going too!

Now, its just waiting for the weekend! Tyler will get home on Friday and we don't have anything planned. I am going to attempt to cook again, seeing as how last week was a success!

Be waiting for the next exciting update! I will have a full report on my attempts in the kitchen!

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