Thursday, April 3, 2008

And He is Off!

March 30th has come and gone! Tyler has finally started his training down in Austin. During the week, Tyler lives in Austin and works from typically 5 am to 8 pm. He starts his day bright and early with a good morning work out. They do all kinds of physical training down there to get them prepared for whatever kind of contact with people they make while on the job. Then he gets to clean up, have breakfast and head to class. He has to be in class for the majority of the day, because they have a lot to learn in these 6 months about Texas State laws (and a lot of other things!) They do all sorts of other kinds of training throughout the day, and eventually they will learn how to do high speed chases and will be able to go to the shooting range to learn how to use their weapons appropriately. This week has started a 6 months that we will never forget. I feel like he will be facing a lot of challenges that will grow him to be the best commissioned peace officer that Texas can find. This is a huge challenge for me as well. It is incredible to realize the strength that the bond of marriage can bring to your life. I never thought that I would be the type of girl that would emotionally able to have a husband that would be away for an extended period of time. I found that because I love him, I am able to get through this FOR him and WITH him. I have to admit that it times its hard to not be selfish. Its hard to think about how this is affecting me and my life, but I constantly remind myself that I became WE, and this is his dream. In saying all that, I get to share the experience. I will proud with him on September 26th when he graduates, and until then, I will struggle through the time being WITH him because this is what he wants, so I want it too. I don't get to talk to him very much, but the times that I do, I cherish and hold on get me through until the next time.

Tyler had to get his hair cut. It was a requirement that the Academy made for the Recruits. I have some pictures to share. Please believe I had so much fun being the photographer this time.
This is Tyler sitting in the chair getting his haircut. I was really embarrassing him by snapping so many photos of him while he was in the seat, so of course I was having so much fun doing it!

I thought this one (on the right) was funny because the stylist had left just a little bit on the top! I am so glad I have these pictures. I honestly think he looks really nice with his haircut short. I think that probably he is in recruit school right now with people whose haircut didn't favor them in the same way that Tyler's did! Oh I have more! You can tell he was so annoyed. I love it!

And this is the final product! He is still just as handsome and now his hair is "regulation" length. Tyler does get to come home on Friday! I am so excited. I don't like being apart from him during the week, but I will certainly LOVE the weekends even more so now!
The pictures (below) are Tyler getting ready to leave to head down to the Academy. He got everything packed down to just one bag, and was ready to head out. At this point I was getting really sad. I am glad that I have these pictures though, it will be important for us to have them years down the road.

This was Tyler as he was headed out on the road towards Austin!

I knew that I was never going to be ready for him to leave, but I have been ready to watch him begin the career of his dreams even before we were married. I have been able to talk with him almost every evening since he has been gone. He is doing GREAT. He is keeping up with all the physical training just fine, as we all knew he would. He said that classes are long (8 hours of class each day!) but that he is learning a lot and that for once he is really interested in what is actually being taught. He mentioned to me that 6 people have officially left the training campus and have decided to not go through with the program. I am so thankful that Tyler has a different outlook on what he is doing. He can see beyond the 6 months of hard training. He sees the satisfaction it will bring him in the long run and I love his ability to look at things like that. He has taught me how important it is to not always live for instant gratification. He is out there making me so proud, and when we talk he seems more alive than ever. Of course I am ready for this to be over because I miss him more than I have ever missed anyone or anything in my life, but I am trying to take on his view of the long term success he is gaining, so for now I am doing fine. My friends have been amazing and so have my parents. My parents have let me come over and lounge with them at night, and my friends have called me constantly! Kendall, Christen, Becky, and Chelsea were all so incredible to meet me half way between Abilene and Fort Worth at the Smoke Stack in Thurber Mingus (haha haha you guys!) to have dinner on Wednesday night. They did that just because they want to be a part of keeping me busy with positive and fun activities. I can't thank them enough for how they have all taken care of me (and that includes my amazing parents as well)

I know this page is like a shrine to Tyler. He will be so embarrassed, but I wanted all to be able to stay updated on his well being while he is gone!

As for me, it looks like I will be doing some traveling with my job. I am going to Waco to visit the major construction project (power plant expansion project). I will be there Monday, April 14th through the end of the week. After talking with my boss, this is the best thing for me in my career here at Lauren for now, so I have decided that even though traveling to the jobsite isn't exactly what I want to be doing, its something I need to go ahead and do to continue my success at work!

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