Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend was so much fun for Tyler and I! Both of us really love and enjoy the time we get to spend with family, so special holidays and other times we get to spend with those we love are always times that we look forward to!

On Thursday of this past week, we went down to Coleman to see Tyler's parents and Lacy, Tyler's sister. Lacy was down on her Spring Break (she is a school teacher in Keller) so we went and spent some time catching up with her. We had some pretty good food while we were down there too. Tyler's family always knows how to throw a feast of a doubt, every time we go down there I enjoy the food we eat so much!

Tyler had to work on Friday (I had the day off !) so we came back down to Coleman after he got off on Friday night. Jacy came in town and so did the Watson crew. We hung out, ate more good food, then woke up early on Saturday. Tyler and I went and walked at the Coleman Park, which was fun. It was a little cool, but it kept us awake and moving! We took the morning kind of slow, ate a good lunch ( of my very favorite meals!) Then we went out to Glen Cove, where Tyler's aunt lives and basically had a family reunion! I love being a part of a larger family. Its different for me, but I feel like I have gotten to know everyone, and I love that even though the family is so big, they are still so close to each other. I think it all has to do with what they were all taught while growing up.

We drove back on Saturday night so that we could make it to our church on Sunday. We went to Sunday School and church then headed over to my side of the family's dinner. We had great food, and lots of interesting conversation. Tyler had the chance to visit with my Uncle Gary who is in law enforcement as an FBI Special Agent. He told us about how he has worked closely with the DPS and everything, so Tyler of course really enjoyed that! He loves that almost as much has loves sharing stories with his dad about DPS. I know that is a bond that means a lot to Tyler, so its always interesting to listen in our their conversations.

Funny story. I made Tyler mad this Easter. We had agreed not to do any gifts for each other during Easter. I couldn't help myself though. I like little chances to surprise him and give him little things, so i did anyway. Instead of being excited about his Easter basket I gave him he just got mad at me. Oh well. I will eat the candy if he doesn't!!! (Plus i know he won't stay mad for too long!)

6 days until the Academy begins. I can't help but be really excited for those guys who graduate on Friday (the class that is just one ahead of Tyler's class) I know they are all really excited to begin their careers as commissioned law enforcement officers. I really can't wait for this week to happen exactly 6 months from now. I feel like things will be really different for us. Its crazy to think that so much is going to happen between now and then. I am so excited for these guys graduating, and I am so excited for the guys that are going in with Tyler's class as they begin starting Sunday. I know lots is in store for them. I have to say again though...this week, exactly 6 months from now I will be a very happy and excited woman!

Please pray for Tyler! We are really excited that this time is finally coming!

Thats all!

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