Monday, March 17, 2008

Alarm Clocks and Smoke Detectors!

5 am comes so early in the morning! Tyler and I have been setting our alarm clock for 5 am because that is the time he will have to be up and on the Physical Training field at the academy. I have to be at work at 7:30, and he doesn't have to be at the DPS office until 8 am, but starting in 13 days he will have a rude awakening at 4:45 am if he doesn't start waking up early. I would feel bad sleeping in later if he was getting up so early, plus it gives us some time to hang out with each other if we both just get up and get around.

The only meal that I am really good at cooking is breakfast, so getting up earlier gives me a chance to make different things and let Tyler test them out. He always ends up being the guinea pig for my attempts in the kitchen. I have to say though, in my defense, I did (well WE did) cooked homemade French Fries and pork chops. Tyler did make some really good and creamy mashed potatoes last night too! Its fun to experiment in the kitchen makes for a lot of laughs and burning smells....oh and i hate the sound of the smoke detector!!!! It has gone off just a time or two...again, at 5 am, not the most pleasant sound to hear.

Work for Tyler and I has been good, it has been keeping us busy and keeping our bills no one can complain about that I suppose. I am of course, still after 20 continuous months of employment, trying to get used to the fast paced world that is corporate America, but again the bills are paid....

Tyler of course could not be more happy during his work day. He goes to work and learns about the things that he is most interested in, and prepares himself to become like those that he works around. I know I should be so proud...and I am!! Its just a blessing to know that he is excited about the career he has chosen, so many people don't have that luxury.

I still feel like the time change is throwing me off. Anyone else?

Thats all!

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